2023-04-05 Meeting notes




  • JIRA ticket UXPROD-4161 - Expand the number of user fields in a user search results display
  • JIRA ticket UXPROD-4162 - Export User records to CSV file
  • Question from PC: What can we do as a SIG to make it easier to recruit/retain Product Owners?
    • What are we doing right?
    • Where could we improve?

Discussion items

5 minNote takerChristine

Christine has done the great favor of taking notes today.

30 minQuestion from PCMaura

Product Council had asked what SIGs could do to make it easier to recruit/retain Product Owners.  What are we doing right, where could we improve?

  • UM-SIG does a lot of analysis and determines specifications for new features.
  • A WOLFCon session on POs discussed having people be owners of features rather than an app.
    • The scope would be smaller.
    • Feature owners would coordinate with Product Owner.
  • There could be more explicit support from institutions for people doing work as Product Owners for Folio.
    • Acknowledge that it takes time
    • Make it clear that this kind of work could count toward tenure.
15 minUXPROD-4161Patty

Currently, the search results screen in the Users app can display up to 6 predefined user fields.  

  • Name
  • Active
  • Barcode
  • Patron group
  • Username
  • Email

It may not be necessary to have Active in these six fields, because it's one of the standard filters in the search pane.

This JIRA has requested that, in Settings → Users, institutions can configure which of the following additional fields can be part of the search results.

  • Birth date
  • External System ID
  • Expiration date
  • Mobile phone

There will still be no more than six fields that display in the search results screen. We're not asking for that to be expanded.

But we would like to be able to resize the fields in the results screen.

We anticipate that the priority on this feature request will be P3 or, possibly, P2. 

Patty will bring this to Tim, who can put it in the backlog for Volaris.

10 minUXPROD-4162Patty

The GDPR requires that a library patron be able to request all data in their user record.  This includes more permanent things such as their name, address, and contact information, as well as more transitory information such as items loaned out, fees/fines, requests, and custom fields.  Ideally, this would be a one-button function.

Example from LBS: Patron_data.pdf

  • User export is already possible in Bulk Edit app.  You have to use Build Query. Magda may be able to demonstrate.
  • Can one use the Export Manager instead of Bulk Edit?  No, the Export Manager works for Inventory records.
  • App-Interaction SIG created a document that has the priorities for printing in Folio.  It's here: Printing in FOLIO.
  • According to this JIRA ticket, printing a User's record is possible using the browser's print function, provided Folio is running in Chrome.

Patty will talk to Tim about next steps.

Action items