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To give a staff member a part of a record - a loan history, request history, fee/fine history - in order to research or trouble-shoot an issue.

Users(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee 



To give a patron a part of their record - loan history, request history, fee/fine history - in order that they can have a record of what transactions have occurred, outside of what they can view for themselves via a discovery layer interface.

Users(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee 



To give a user a check-in history - a patron returning books may ask to have them returned right then and to be given a receipt, esp. If they have disputed returns in the past (e.g., claim returned.) The check-in app will generate a list of returns - being able to quickly/efficiently print that list for a patron is a need.

Check-in(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee 


4Agreements / E-resources tab: As a librarian I want to print out a TitleInstance screen showing all "Options for acquiring e-resource". The print out(s) are then handed over to the subject specialist who will decide via which platform/package the e-resource should be subscribed.


Martina Schildt from former collection (see below)



As an acq librarian I have a meeting with a vendor and I need to talk about a specific title. Therefore I need all information that is part of the record. I cannot foresee which information might needed or is useful. 

Needed: full record with information from all accordions; tags included. | ideally: PO + POL in one go

Whole screen



6To give a patron everything of their record - due to GDPR
every data which is stored in FOLIO (except internal comments):
general data incl. address, loans, fees&fines, requests, proxy data, etc.

UsersUschi Klute 



Records can be selected in the result list in Inventory by ticking the check box. Actions > show selected records opens modal with selected list. 

As a librarian I would like to print out the list “show selected records” as a result of my searches and selected records to give it to colleagues or patrons. (The list can combine selected records from several searches.)

InventoryMartina Tumulla 


As a librarian I would like to print out the result list (middle pane) in Requests after using search & filter.  It would be nice to choose which information (fields) is displayed in the result list, sorted and then printed. (Use case: an overview list (title, author, item call number, barcode, location etc.) of items to be picked from the shelfs in the stacks as a combined list)

RequestsMartina Tumulla 



As a librarian I would like to print out the result list (middle pane) in Inventory after using search & filter.

InventoryMartina Tumulla 



As a librarian I would like to print out an Instance, Holdings, Item record in detail.

InventoryMartina Tumulla 


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