2023-03-01 Meeting notes




  • Dennis Bridges will talk to us about updates to the Users app.  Postponed to March 15.
  • Discussion of looking up patron in Checkout app.

Discussion items

5 minNote takerErin Weller

The Checkout app allows looking up a patron by name, but the search results generated do not have the same functionality as when searching for a user in the Users app, specifically the 'show columns' functionality is not there. As there are cases when two patrons have the same first and last names, the ability to show a column for, e.g. birthdate, would be very helpful. Discussion on this topic added to agenda for next meeting.Patty Looked at https://folio-nolana.dev.folio.org/. In the User app, we can choose active, barcode, name, patron group, username, and email to display in the search results along with name. In the Check out app, there isn't an "action" button to allow us to choose the columns to display. Some libraries wish to have the birthdate display. Patty will write a feature to allow libraries to choose the fields that can be selected in the "Action" button in the User app. Discussed tenant configurability - has anyone heard anymore information on this? No. Patty will look into this. 

Complete export of patron data due to GDPRUschi KluteLooking for a full export of a singular patron's FOLIO data (including contact info, loans, fee/fines, notes, etc.). No way to do this currently. Maura suggests an API. Patty suggests a screenshot or snip as a temporary solution. Looking to add this feature under the "Actions" button in the User record. Patty will look at the fee/fine report to see how that looks - Laurence offered his accounts in Nolana bugfest (can find by searching 'lmini' as all use email with lmini). Orchid bugfest starting Monday. Patty will talk to Julie Bickle about printing such report. CSV might not be the best solution - needs to be eye-readable for patron. Patty will write a feature for this. 

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