2023-11-15 Meeting notes



  • Amelia Sutton

  • Brooks Travis
  • Laurence Mini
  • Karen White


  • Time set aside for unstructured discussion

Discussion items

15 minUser Record ValidationAmelia

Amelia brought up the fact that only User ID is required in the back end of FOLIO.  As adding required fields in the API could break things, Amelia proposed instead to switch to having recommended fields in the UI, where a warning would pop up if a recommended field was omitted. 

In the UI, there are currently two possible values for the new 'Type' field – Patron and Staff. Could have different recommended fields depending on the value chosen for the Type field – e.g. have username be a recommended field for Staff, but not for Patron. Can have further discussion on which fields should be recommended. Ideally, have the recommended fields be customizable, as different institutions can have different fields they want to have be required.

Amelia noted the issue of Bulk Edit not being able to enforce UI required fields. It would be good to have a warning pop up in Bulk Edit if recommended fields were left blank. That would be a separate issue, probably more difficult to solve.

Action items