2023-02-01 Meeting notes




  • Get any final comments about this Google doc about use cases and concerns for bringing in an index to search middle name in users app.
  • INFO: JIRA ticket UIU-2218 reports some possible data corruption when creating a fee or fine.  (Data going into the wrong field.)
  • JIRA ticket UIU-2759 - A custom field made as a checkbox does not appear as a filter in user search in Users app.

Discussion items

5 minNote takerLaurence
5 minHelp running SIG meetingMauraMaura asked if there was anyone who could run the Users SIG meeting on occasions when she is unable to do so due to a conflicting meeting on every third Wednesday. Please contact Maura if you can help.
10 minFinal comments on Google docMaura

Patty: This really needs to get done, it is not good that putting in a middle name causes their name to not be returned as a search result. General consensus that you should be able to find a user whether you search by the user's full name (including middle name) or if you search by a partial name, e.g. just firstname, or just lastname, or firsname middlename, etc.

Patty will write a new ticket to request this desired functionality as UIPFU-58 does not say what we really want to happen. Patty will write a ticket to state what desired functionality is, and it is up to the dev team to figure out how to do it, or get back to us with any concerns.

5 minJIRA ticket UIU-2218MauraDecision was made that this is matter for the RA SIG to handle.
10 minCustom field can be created as a checkbox, but doesn't show up as a filter in the user searchPattyThis seems to be a regression, as this used to work. Patty tested this by adding a new checkbox custom field in the Nolana Bugfest environment, and it did not show up as a filter (although it does show up in the Settings App, so probably not a permissions issue). Also possible this is a display limit problem – maybe there is a limit of 15 custom field filters displayed? Patty will do some testing in Snapshot, and will check with Khalilah.

Future topics

  • Erin will talk to us about the work MSU is doing with Teams, and how they see themselves using it.
  • The Checkout app allows looking up a patron by name, but the search results generated do not have the same functionality as when searching for a user in the Users app, specifically the 'show columns' functionality is not there. As there are cases when two patrons have the same first and last names, the ability to show a column for, e.g. birthdate, would be very helpful. Discussion on this topic added to agenda for next meeting.