2023-12-06 Meeting notes




  • Update from Crossapp SIG regarding responsive text
  • Discuss whether we should advocate to add a "pronouns" field to the user record.
  • Discuss the possibility of allowing RTF or HTML in otherwise plain text fields (also from Crossapp-SIG)
    • There's been a discussion of whether we want to change all fields from plain text to allow HTML or RTF (rich-text format).
      • Some have the desire to include clickable links or styled text (i.e., bulleted lists) in some fields.
      • No conclusion has yet been reached.

Discussion items

5 minNote-taker
10 min Update from Crossapp SIG Maura There has been overwhelming support to make text in all fields responsive text, so that it will adjust to changes in height/width of a pane.  I hope this means we'll be able to collapse a column when we work in the edit screen anywhere. 
30 minAdd a "pronouns" field to the user recordMicahPreviously, UM SIG discussed adding pronouns as a custom field (UXPROD-2490). Current discussion supports including pronouns as its own field instead of as a custom field. Micah can write a feature for adding a field to user record and spec out a Jira ticket. Maura will arrange meeting with RA SIG in early January to get feedback.
15 minDiscuss allowing plain-text fields to be RTF or HTMLMauraAllowing RTF or HTML in plain-text fields which would allow clickable links. Specifically, doing so in Notes fields. UM-SIG expressed concern: although clickable links may speed up tasks (less copy/paste), this may add complexity to the data export and data import processes. Looking forward to a Jira for this.

Action items