2020-09-09 Meeting notes




  • Pavlo Smahin will present on department fields

Discussion items


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20 minGeneral discussion
There was a general discussion regarding user imports, with some attention on middle ware products, and what various institutions use as match points for updating patrons.  Lehigh uses barcode.  Cornell uses NetID.  
20 min.Presentation of new features in mod-user-importPavlo Smahin (Spitfire)
  • Patron Groups:  The developers have put in a clear error message if there is a patron group in a User record that doesn't exist in folio.  If a User record is loaded with a patron group that doesn't exist in folio, the record will fail to update and return with this error message.
  • Departments:  Users can be imported by Name, not just ID.  Also, it's possible to add a new department/department code, or to change the department name and keep the department code.  If you try to add a department by putting it in a User record, and the department doesn't exist, the record will fail to load.  It will also return an error message similar to the one like the patron group error.
  • If, during a user load, a user is not in the source file but is in FOLIO, the "Active" flag for the User record will be set to "Inactive."  There will be no other change.
  • There was some discussion of how/where the error message gets presented.  Does it show up in the UI while loading, or does it get logged on the server, or does it generate a report?  There was no definite answer, although that might have been a language/communication issue.  Brooks noticed that a JSON payload is returned with a "failed users" array.  So it appears that we can get the data, it's just a question of how we can access it.
10 minGeneral discussionPatty W.

Patty consulted with Cornell, and downgraded the priority of two issues that Cornell had considered Go-live:

  1. Fielded searching in Users app - This was de-prioritized because searching in Users has improved to the point where it's not as urgent.
  2. Add in programming for Statistical Codes, possibly leveraging the programming done for Statistical Codes in the Inventory module.  Cornell, like other institutions, is interested in seeing how well Custom Fields will handle Statistics before asking for additional development.

Action items

  • Patty will revisit UXPROD-242, which involves "Freezing/Protecting Fields" in the user load.