2021-06-16 Meeting notes




  • Discuss priorities for Juniper release

Discussion items

20 min

Implement patron PIN number as separate password field (authentication token) for

  • Leipzig has been trying to work out the best model for where to store
    this information.

  • PINs are used by libraries to add authentication to a 3rd party system like a self
    check, or as general authentication if the library does not have another LdP system.

  • PINs need to be stored somewhere in FOLIO, so some decisions have to be made
    regarding where to store them and how security should be maintained.

  • How could PIN numbers be imported?

    • Import through the mod-user import (set by library)

    • Patron has to initially set PIN w/external form – interact with edge-patron

    • PIN set or reset link like password

  • Jana, representing RA, said that they want a staff member with permissions to be
    able to see the PIN field and be able to click a reset PIN button that acts the same
    as the password reset button. There are still people who don’t have email, so the link is also needed. In this case the patron authentication will be barcode + pin

    Would discovery use the Edge-Patron API? Create a NEW mod-PIN-storage? Or a new feature in mod-users?

  • Use cases:

    • Staff login – set password for staff

    • Patron authentication – for use in discovery

    • Self check – SIP2

  • User Management agreed this PIN functionality should be in the User UI

 Discussion of other Juniper priorities 
  • Expiring patron blocks (Jana agreed this was for RA SIG)
  • Improved searching for users
  • Permissions

Next weekBjörnBjörn will demonstrate user deletions

Action items