2023-04-04 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron Neslin
Alissa Hafele
Ann-Marie Breaux
Carol Sterenberg
Corrie Hutchinson
Dennis Bridges
Dung-Lan Chen
Dwayne Swigert
Emily Robertson
Heather McMillan
Jackie Magagnosc
Jean Pajerek
Joanna Cerro
Joe Reimers
John Banionis
Julie Brannon
Julie Stauffer
Kathleen Norton
Kimberly Pamplin
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Wiljanen
Kristin Martin
Lisa Maybury
Lisa Smith
Lucinda Williams
Martina Schildt
Martina Tumulla
Masayo Uchiyama
Nancy Pelis
Paivi Rentz
Peter Breternitz
Peter Sbrzesny
Robert Heaton
Sara Colglazier
Shannon Burke
Steve Selleck
Sven Thomsen
Winter White


Housekeeping -

  • Next meeting, Tuesday, April 11, at 1 pm Eastern

Business -

    • Status of the acq-sig-topic stories and a quick update Dennis made to the implementers page
    • Discuss/review Implementers Topics (#85 @John Banionis , #86 Sara Colglazier )
      • Configuration to enforce entry of lock total - Invoices - Villanova University would like a configuration added to Invoice settings to force entry of a lock total amount on all invoice records.

Discussion items

:06Status of the acq-sig-topic stories and a quick update Dennis made to the implementers pageDennis
  • On the Acquisitions/Resource Management Implementers page, there is an update  on how Acq SIG topics are tagged. 
  • Wanted to show how the groups discussions are being used by the development teams. Development teams are looking at this as they have time and need something to help continue to add value to the platform while other things may get blocked for some reason, or if someone has a little free time and need something that can be easily knocked out, this list is being looked at. 
:13Implementers Topic #84John Banionis
  • Implementers Topic  # 84
  • Specify credential access at the interface level
  • Organizations - Currently, the ability to view interface credentials is all or nothing with permissions. Villanova University would like to be able specify at the interface level who has access to credentials. For example, for an organization, perhaps everyone can access the reports interface credentials, but only acquisitions managers should be able to access invoice/payment portal interface credentials for that same organization.
  • Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) 12:16 PM
    Maybe also for Consoria
  • Dennis: Are there certain interfaces that have licensing or something that would resrtict you from from sharing a user ID and password with multiple people?
    • John: This is just for library employee use. 
  • Aaron Nselin: 
    • During our migration we thought about this. We wished we could do it. 
  • Sara Colglazier: To add that organizations are not just vendors. We could add information pretaining to diferent colleges internal portal. We could limit it to just one college seeing their confidential information, rather than every college seeing it. 
  • Aaron: I beleive we can limit it by Acq teams, We would like to be able to do it by interface type. 
  • Dennis: I can see how Acq units help, but I see that if you are open with organization records you want to allow them to view the information but not edit. 
  • Sara: In ERM there is a similar problem. 
  • Dennis: What type of interfaces do you see that that is not a vendor but would be sensitive in this way?
    • Sare: Dropbox, usually in password. Or agreements, using this as a centeral place to put information for your organization to log in.  Maybe a platform like Highwire that is not a vendor, it's just a platform that all these other vendors use that we need to login too. 
  • Dennis: Does anyone create organization records for Donors?
    •  Not at this time, but if in the future we did it would be very private information
  • Dennis: Interesting thought to add acquisitions units to interfaces. 
  • Dennis: Result: Create a story for this additional felxibiility, to limit access to interfaces based on typ of organization. This story would say only certain users can see the cresentials of certain interfaces. Where that is the case, is it important where users who can't see the user name/passord, to be able to see the rest of the information,,, like the interface details?
    • At least be able to see there is an interface
  • Dennis: To clearify - it's just the username and password we want to restrict?
  • Sara: When someone leaves, you may be in a position to need to figure out what is there. We really don't want to hide more than is necessary. If we can see a portal is there, we can work on figuring out how to access it. As we leave behind so much information in our former systems, it's especially important to have as much information freely available to everyone as possible. The more you hide, the more complex it becomes. 
  • Dennis: To John - are you comfortable with me saying this is in progress? We will add more granularity to hide interface username and password for certain infaces for certain users, do these two things satisfy you?
    • John, That is the right approach. 

Implementers Topic # 85
  • Implementers Topic # 85
  • Configuration to enforce entry of lock total
  • Invoices - Villanova University would like a configuration added to Invoice settings to force entry of a lock total amount on all invoice records.
  • Dennis: I think there is a story created for this already
  • We decided to add something in settings, so you can choose what you want. The default to be either True or False. 
  • John - If it's already entered as a JIRA, that's good. It's something we want to see. 
  • UINV-452
:39Implementers Topic #86
  • Implementers Topic #86
  • Invoice Templates - Invoices – it would be very helpful to have Invoice Templates like for Orders. We key in far more Invoices than we EDI them in. Templates would save us time, clicking/entry, and help us not forget to toggle on or off certain things.
  • UXPROD-2374
  • UXPROD-2374 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Create, manage and apply Invoice templates - DRAFT

  • Dennis: Please add any additional use cases, comments, or questions to this feature to continue conversation. 
  • Dennis: Since this Jira does exist, are you comfortable with me closing this topic? 
    • Sara: Yes
:43Implementers Topic #87
  • Implementers Topic #87
  • Display Vendor Name (Code) (as well as Vendor Invoice # – see above #56 – on Invoice Line. 
  • Invoices – It would be helpful to have the Header on an Invoice Line display not just "View invoice line - 1" etc but also who the Vendor is (Name with Code in paren following) & what the Vendor Invoice Number is. Otherwise one has to click back to the Invoice itself to orient oneself. Or, depending on how one got to the Invoice in the first place, drag the 3rd pane smaller again to maybe see if the info is in the middle/2nd pane, which it is not necessarily, or obviously, available depending. E.g., Not Obvious
  • Dennis: We recently worked on a story on making the vendor name a hyperlink to the organization record. 
  • Sara: It's not about the hyperlink, I want the vendor information at the top of the pane. 
  • Julie Brannon (Duke, she/her) 12:47 PM
    +1 to adding the vendor code to the invoice line!

  • Peter Sbrzesny 12:48 PM

  • Kimberly Pamplin 12:50 PM - There is a story for adding invoice number on line, but I do not see about Organization. UINV-447 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Dennis: yeah - this is an oversight. The behavior is inconsistnet and I can see why, 
  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:51 PM
    I would really like to see vendor (code ok) everywhere! PO, POL, INV, INV LINE

  • Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) 12:52 PM
    Me Too, Lisa!

  • Dung-Lan Chen 12:52 PM
    Yes to Lisa!
  • Dennis: 1st story - update jira uni-447 so it also covers vendor code and invoice number.  2nd story - hyperlink from order to invoice line should behave like hyperlink from invoice to order line (when hyperlinked record is displayed the search results pane should show the parent record selected. Need to work on 3rd story. 
  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:54 PM
    With the 'sticky' panes, it can get confusing without seeing all the info
  • Kristin Martin 1:00 PM
    I think line 80 in the Implementers topics is the same as Sara's second screenshot.

Action items