2023-05-30 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron NeslinJoanna CerroMasayo Uchiyama
Alissa HafeleJoe ReimersNancy Pelis
Ann CrowleyJulie BrannonOkay Okonkwo
Bob ScheierJulie StaufferPeter Breternitz
Carol SterenbergKimberly PamplinPeter Sbrzesny
Corrie HutchinsonKimberly SmithSabrina Bayer
Dennis BridgesKimberly WiljanenSara Colglazier
Dung-Lan ChenKristin MartinScott Perry
Emily RobertsonLisa MayburySylvia Hamann
Jean PajerekLisa SmithVictoria Anderson


Housekeeping -

Business -

Discussion items

:01HousekeepingDung-Lan Chen
  • Orchid relase launched today - folio.org/about/news-events/article/folio-launches-orchid-release/
  • Week of June 5th, Dennis and Joe will be at a conference.
    • Maybe use one of the meetings this week to discuss FYRO experiences
    • If anyone has other topics to disuss with group, we can do that as well.
    • ~:5 Sara - Ann, could you demo test rolling for us next week? 
      • Yes
      • No preference between Tues./Fri. meeting.
      • Anyone else can be involved as well.
    • ~:8 Sara - Many struggling with -- In old systems had different ways to get ready for a fiscal year roll over, different reports to run, etc. Trying to minimize problems before rolling. Maybe show each other how we are doing it? 
      • Struggles with search and filters, not always available where wanted.
      • Has anyone used CSV export in a way that is helpful?
    • Will aim for next Tuesday.
    • Will post in Implementer's channel as well in case they wish to join.

Dung-Lan Chen,

Kristin Martin

Dennis Bridges
  • Orchid Release - brought up in Slack channel 
    • Batch Voucher export is not working when there are multiple vouchers to be exported
    • MODINVOICE-480 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Not a problem in Nolana, only in Orchid
    • Already a fix. There will be a service patch coming for that particular issue for Orchid.
  • Sara - When is the service patch supposed to come? 
    • Has been approved. Not sure if need to wait for other fixes to be ready or if just this patch will be released. 
  • Sara - With a patch, does that mean that if the patch has been released and you get Orchid, is the patch built into Orchid or is it more like Hotfixes where you have to make sure you get the Hotfixes too?
    • More like the Hotfixes.
    • If you haven't been updated yet, should apply the patch immediately, but it is a separate thing.
    • If you've only paid one invoice, you can do them one by one via export. It's only if you have two or more. 
      • Yes
Ann Crowley, Dennis Bridges, Kristin Martin
  • Ann - Possibly merging Poppy and Quesnelia. Is there a specific reason for this? Are we moving to two releases a year?
    • Dennis - Don't really have additional information. Want clarification as well.
    • Kristin - On Product Council agenda for this week. Work that needs to be done to fix defects in Data Import. Provide more time to work on those. Wouldn't look at this as from now on there will be two releases per year.

Action items