2023-10-03 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron NeslinJuleah SwansonOkay Okonkwo
Alissa HafeleJulie StaufferOwen Stephens
Ann CrowleyKathleen NortonRhonda Fuhrmann
Ben JahreKimberly PamplinSara Colglazier
Catherine TuohyKimberly SmithScott Perry
Dennis BridgesKimberly WiljanenSteve Selleck
Dung-Lan ChenKimie KesterSusie Skowronek
Dwayne SwigertKristin MartinTimothy Nelson
Emily RobertsonLauren SeneyWinter White
Jackie MagagnoscLisa MayburyZorian Sasyk
Jean PajerekLucinda Williams
Joanna CerroMary Moran
Joe ReimersNick Hardebeck


Housekeeping -

  • Next meeting, Tuesday (10/10) at 1 pm

Business -

  • Review updated Claiming mockups (Dennis)
  • If time permits, Zorian Sasyk will present use cases of Supplementary Properties that we didn't get to from last Friday's meeting (9/29)

Discussion items

  • Next meeting, Tuesday (10/10) at 1 pm
:04Claiming MockupsDennis Bridges
  • Claiming workflow
    • Begins with claiming interval in Organizations - can be set as standard for Organization
    • Able to activate claiming in PO line - Toggle for "Claiming active." 
      • If active, can set interval (number of days) - how long you intend to wait before submitting claims/starting claiming process
    • POL can have one or many receiving titles. e.g. Package POL 
      • Need to be able to choose for given receiving title what claiming interval would be. Receiving inherits from POL, but can change.
    • Aim to facilitate by using piece record. 
      • Piece with expected receipt of today and claiming interval of 30 days. 30 days from now status will change from Expected to Late if it has not been received.

    • Can delay claiming. In piece record will track status changes with date. 
    • From dropdown can select to "Send claim," "Delay claim," or mark as "Unreceivable." 

    • Status will determine which accordion the pieces are recorded under.
    • Can export piece information as CSV, e.g. for claims sent, late pieces, etc.
  • Joanna Cerro (she/her) 12:17 PM
    Is this being developed in tandem with the Serials Management app, which is also supposed to have claiming functionality eventually? This looks really great, btw
    • Owen Stephens 12:18 PM
      Dennis and I are working closely to ensure this integrates with Serials Management. Claiming be done in the same way in all cases - there won’t be any separate “Serials” claiming functionality
  • ~:19 - Owen - Are not developing separate claiming functionality in the Serials app. Tell Dennis and Owen if there are aspects that are fine for monographs, but not serials. Want functionality to be rooted in the same concept.
  • ~:22 - Dennis - Looking at having a bulk function for claiming with multi-select, but it is very much title focused.
  • ~:25 - Dung-Lan - Do you have to give the claim command for the claim to happen? 
    • Only automated part initially will be identifying pieces as late. 
    • Could export CSV of everything with status of late. 
    • Two versions of claiming: 
      • EDIFACT - would follow EDIFACT process
      • Collect all late pieces, generate file not in EDIFACT (e.g. CSV) and send to vendor.
    • Have features for automated export and bulk management of claiming workflows.
  • ~:30 If you have a package POL, POL claiming information would act as default.
    • Only flows one way.
  • Working on this for Quesnelia release. 
  • Lined up with Serials Management release:
    • Owen Stephens 12:34 PM
      Yes initial release of Serials management also planned for Quesnelia
    • Owen Stephens 12:35 PM
      And yes the dates for that release are currently late April/early May 2024
:35Supplementary propertiesZorian Sasyk
  • How have seen it used by various libraries
  • Talking mostly about Agreements, not licenses
  • In Supplementary Properties settings have "Content Type" and "Subject" as pick lists.
    • SubscriptionAgreement.ContentType
      • Audio, Books, Database, Datasets ... etc.
    • Subject
      • Biology, Business, History, Multi-disciplinary, Physics, Social Science ... etc. 
  • ~:38 - Supplementary Properties filter: 
    • Content Type Contains eBooks
      • Shows all agreements for eBooks
    • Subject Type Contains Biology
      • Shows all agreements that are Biology related
    • Can combine two:
      • Subject Contains Biology
      • Content Type Contains eBooks

  • scolglaz 12:39 PM
    Similar to what I just was seeing when Zorian was sharing in Settings, we at the 5C added "Institution"--Zorian had Campus and Library Branch. … We are now using Institution akin to ACQ Units in Orders etc. … At the 5C we really needed this ability to simply and specifically call up each of our Library's own and only our Agreements etc. ….This has now made that possible. It is the Search Modal itself that is the really cool thing! when unlike in Inventory, we do not have the ability to use Query Search.
  • ~:41 Owen - Although Licenses has same underlying software, do not have supplementary properties. Have terms, which are specifically intended to record License Terms. 
    • From Poppy onwards will have dedicated Content type. - Will be customizable in the settings.
  • ~:45 Sara Colglazer - Use of Institution at 5C where libraries need to be able to only see their agreements. Search modal developed is brilliant. Can combine with the actual search box and very user friendly (vs. Inventory). 
:53ClaimingSara Colglazier
  • ~:53 Sara Colglazier - Back to claiming. Regarding expected date in pieces, once received, if not removed causes trouble and keeps showing up. Have to remove it. Doesn't allow for looking back to what we thought the pattern should be. Results in deleted information.
  • ~:55 Owen - If you use Serials Management, enter prediction patterns and generate expected pieces from it. Will have predicted piece and that will be used to create the receiving piece. Both records will stay in system linked so you can see differences. 
  • Sara - Have a system in place and not interested in going back to prediction patterns. Will flag titles as delivery problems if they are always late. Use as justification to talk about cancelling or moving to online only. By deleting expected date, have to make notes in spreadsheets etc.
  • Have to remove expected receipt date once received. Still looks like it is expected when you do a search. 
    • Adding status to filter should account for that.
    • Actually receive and mark as claimed, so public knows it is coming. Not that they stopped getting it, but it is claimed.

Action items