2023-04-11 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron Neslin
    Ann Crowley
    Carol Sterenberg
    Corrie Hutchinson
    Dennis Bridges
    Dung-Lan Chen
    Dwayne Swigert
    Emily Robertson
    Heather McMillan
    Jackie Magagnosc
    Jean Pajerek
    Joanna Cerro
    Joe Reimers
    John Banionis
    Julie Brannon
    Julie Stauffer
    Kathleen Norton
    Kayla Valdivieso
    Kimberly Pamplin
    Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Wiljanen
    Kristin Martin
    Lisa Maybury
    Lisa Smith
    Masayo Uchiyama
    Nina Stellmann
    Okay Okonkwo
    Peter Breternitz
    Sabrina Bayer
    Sara Colglazier
    Scott Perry
    Shannon Burke
    Steve Selleck
    Sven Thomsen
    Sylvia Hamann
    Victoria Anderson
    Winter White


  • Housekeeping -

    • Reminder - Amelia Sutton will showcase UMass' Batch Voucher Export Workflow - scheduled for our next meeting, Friday, March 14, at 9 am Eastern

    Business -

Discussion items

:05Joe Reimers
  • Joe and Aaron can are up to speed on what Dennis is working on and can collect requirements for implementers topics when Dennis is out. 
 :09 Implementers Topic #88
  •  Display Vendor (Name with Code) in Order Line Header along with POL # (akin to #87 above)
  • Continue discussion from last meeting 
  • Joe: When looking at a pol, where would you expect that to be displayed?
    • Sara: In the header. 
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:13 PM
    I find myself scrolling down to material supplier, but that isn't always the vendor.  And I don't like having to scroll or click back to PO to see vendor.  POL at top & center would be great.  Agree with Sara
  • Kristin Martin 12:17 PM
    I would suggest maybe seeing a few mock-ups of different ways for PO information to display on the POL. Definitely would want Kimie to take a look.

  • Dung-Lan Chen 12:17 PM
    Agree with Kristin

  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:21 PM
    I'm thinking EBSCO POL details 12345-1 or GOBI POL details 10000-1 or even drop 'details' HARS POL 22552-35 in the POL header.  Mockups would be nice.

  • Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) 12:21 PM

:25Implementers Topic #89
  • Export organization records to CSV
  • In light of other developments to the export of acquisitions information under UXPROD-2665 - Export records from search results in acquisitions apps CLOSED , I have had several libraries ask about the ability to export organization information to a CSV file to support periodic review of contacts, interfaces, and account information.

    It's also been noted that in other apps supporting export to CSV, notes added via the Notes app are not included in export. This may be a larger discussion, but I wanted to at least raise it here to facilitate that conversation wherever it ultimately needs to happen.

  • UXPROD-4164 could possibly satisfy this requirement. But may not be the ideal workflow. Will revisit this when the feature is reviewed by the group. 
:38Implementers Topic #90
  • Be able to Filter in Invoices on Batch File Status and with that re: the  Date (called Batch File Name) 
  • I need to be able to distinguish between what invoices have been marked for 'Export to accounting'–which is a filter–with our 'Batch Group'–also able to be filtered on–from those that have already been exported and which ones have not. Once they have been exported then the accordion 'Voucher export details' gets added to the Invoice and includes that it was Uploaded under Batch file status and when that occurred under Batch file name. If I could filter by those two fields then I could figure out what Invoices marked for Export to accounting in my Batch Group had NOT yet been actually exported.
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:45 PM
    At Mich State, we purposely built in a manual process, to check the csv file, to make sure what we were exporting to accounting is what we expected.  (Sometimes there is an export to accounting in the file, that doesn't belong, and we can delete that from the file before we manually export.)
    • All of our exports show an error, because of the way we use it!

Action items