2023-09-05 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron NeslinJoe ReimersMartina SchildtTimothy Nelson
    Ann CrowleyJulie StaufferMasayo UchiyamaVictoria Anderson
    Catherine TuohyKathleen NortonOkay OkonkwoWinter White
    Dennis BridgesKayla ValdiviesoRhonda Fuhrmann
    Dung-Lan ChenKimberly PamplinSabrina Bayer
    Emily RobertsonKimberly SmithSara Colglazier
    Heather McMillanKimberly WiljanenShannon Burke
    Jackie MagagnoscKristin MartinSteve Selleck
    Jean PajerekLisa SmithSven Thomsen
    Joanna CerroLucinda WilliamsSylvia Hamann


  • Housekeeping -

    Business -

    • Continue discussing ways to improving Acquisitions SIG meetings (from the initial discussions started in August 29 meeting)?!
    • Continuing discussing Implementers Topics?!

Discussion items

Housekeeping -Dung-Lan
  • Housekeeping -

    • Next scheduled meeting - Tues. 9/12, at 1 pm Eastern
    • Reminder - Owen Stephens will demo supplementary properties & term filter builder functions in Agreements" functions and how implementers' use those functions - planned Friday, 9/29, at 9 am Eastern
    • FYI - The next App Interaction SIG meeting (9/6/23 at 12 pm Eastern) will have Sara and Dennis joining to review container records. See agenda link here.  Feel free to join if you are available.  Zoom link
    • Any interest among the group to have a Part 2 of Package POLs discussions with Sara and the group? Will put a poll in slack. 


Ability to manage Donor information within FOLIO. 

  • Managing donor information
  • There are some folio libraries that are managing donors in different ways. Some are using organization app to manage donor info. Prompted idea to maybe use an organization record to capture donor information. 
  • Have the ability to indicate that you've created a an organization record that is a donor. 
  • Explored using organization type.  Challenge is 'type' is defined by each individual library so isn't a good way for driving logic in folio. 
  • Maybe have a box in organization you can check if  a vendor or donor. 
  • This would mean making some changes to how we capture donor information. 
  • Ann Crowley 12:14 PM
    Can the Vendor and Donor box be checked at the same time?
    • yes. you can have a donor organization for that vendor. It's separate data points in that record.
  • Dennis: Need to discuss if the name of the organization appear or a code?
  • Dennis: We would allow donors to be associated with particular funds. You can attribute specific donors to specific fund records. So when that fund is applied, we supply the donor information. 
  • Dennis: You can apply more than one fund, and have more than one donor identified in the donor field. 
  • Dennis: I think it was described that the money could be partially donations and partially from funds. 
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:23 PM
    I like the idea of having a donor tied to a fund, and it auto-filling the donor in the POL.  Could bulk edit get the info into inventory as an electronic bookplate, by pulling the order donor field?
    • Dennis: Reached to to the MM group trying to get a better sense of how Inventory manages donor information. Where libraries are capturing donor information. Goal should be this data originates in acquisitions and transfers to inventory.  
  • Dennis: This will also make is easier to filter orders by donor. 
  • Kristin: Can we apply this kind of controlled vocabulary in the organization record to be able to apply on that same controlled vocabulary for the electronic bookplate, if items a directly a gift we may not have a po for them.  We apply electronic book plates to e books. So that ends up at the holdings level because there is not an item record. There is an electronic bookplate feild in the holdings record. 
    • Dennis: yes.
  • Sara: At 5 colleges we have locally added a term called gift note in the inventory item record. 
    • Dennis: Is it a free text field?
    • Sara: You put in the field as the text, so you have a dropdown for the note type. 
  • Dung-Lan: Is there a field in the pol that you can enter information that will get pulled into Inventory?
    • no
    • Example when a new edition comes in and the old edition needs to be pulled. Currently who ever does receiving sees the note and puts a flag in it, then when it gets to cataloging they know the old one needs to be pulled. Was wondering what work flow others are using for this situation. 
  • Sara: There is a receiving note when we are receiving at the piece level and the information shows up in the holdings record at the very bottom.  
  • Dennis: Are we saying the that the donor code is not enough information? Does there need to be additional verbiage after that code?
  • Kristin: We add that additional verbiage outside of folio right now. In vufind that code gets converted to the electronic bookplate and then to the fuller note. 
  • Dennis: Potential homework? Can you (the group) post in slack how many donors you are actively managing.  The National Library of Australia has over 75,000 organization records, that can be attributed to they donors as organizations. 
  • Kristin: It looks like we have about 1000, but am not sure how many of these are active. 
  • Dennis: Okay - will others please add their information in slack? Even if it's later and you are watching the recording.. go ahead and add the information. 
  • Sara: Would like more automation for workflows to pass work on to the next step of a process. 
    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:55 PM
      Yes to more automation!

Action items