2023-09-15 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Ann CrowleyJohn BanionisNancy Pelis
    Bob ScheierKathleen NortonNina Stellmann
    Catherine TuohyKimberly PamplinOkay Okonkwo
    Dung-Lan ChenKimberly SmithOwen Stephens
    Dwayne SwigertKimie KesterRobert Heaton
    Emily RobertsonKristin MartinScott Perry
    Heather McMillanLisa SmithSusanne Gill
    Jackie MagagnoscLucinda WilliamsSylvia Hamann
    Jean PajerekMartina SchildtTimothy Nelson
    Joe ReimersMary MoranVictoria Anderson


Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • Reminder - on Friday, Sept. 29, at 9 am, Owen Stephens will demo supplementary properties and term filter builder functions used in Agreements with folks who are using the functions sharing how they use them, etc.
    • Reminder - App Interaction survey UI for Save button open thru 9/19/23 - your input appreciated!
    • Next scheduled meeting - next Tuesday (9/19) at 1 pm Eastern
:05PC UpdateKristin Martin
  • The PC is Looking for more meaningful ways to communicate with the SIG's other than just monthly meetings. Started a sub group to look at this. Also a a group to look at how meetings are structured. A 3rd group working across councils on proposed architural changes for folio. 
  • The Community Council is doing another survey about what are three things that can be better about folio. The responses will be compared to last years responses. 
  • 2023-09-14 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes
:10Save ButtonMartina Schildt
  • A brief review of App Interaction UI for Save button survey & Q&A (Martina Schildt )
  • Mock ups have been designed that are being reviewed. There are three options that are in the survey.
    • Please answer survey by the end of next Tuesday. (Sept.19th)
    • Survey link
:16Joe ReimersDiscuss donors
  • Working on a more comprehensive framework for donors. 
  • General idea is adding the ability to define an organization as a donor. 
  • Adding a donor checkbox that is similar to a vendor checkbox. 
    • This will allow additional functionality. 
    • Will allow donors to be associated with funds. The idea behind this is to support endowments.  Any orders associated 
    • Current Donor box in order records will be going away. 
    • Another component to highlight, a lot existing information in organization information that can be leveraged. 
    •  Scott: Has concerns about using organizations for donor information. Likes the controlled vocabulary. Likes the links that will be there. Need some kind of link for donor validation to inventory records. 
    • Joe: One of the reasons we are going with the Organization record is because the National Library of New Zealand is already starting the development. 
    • This will be implemented within the next few months. 
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:29 AM
      I would likely not include any donor contact information (unless that information for donors would be highly restricted).
    • Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her) 8:31 AM
      I think right now, you can't edit the Donor field if the POL is open.
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:32 AM
      Does this imply a formal “donor” field in Instance/Holding/Item?
      • Joe: I'd like to get there. That is partly a MM question and for the po's that manage Inventory. 
    • Kimie (Keemee) Kester 8:32 AM
      Is the only Donor info that appears on the Organization record, the checkbox that designates the record as a Donor?
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:33 AM
      A way to migrate the existing data to the new field would be great
      • Joe - it would be great. Not sure how to do that though. That is a technical challenge and a reason we are not going to purge that data.. 
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:35 AM
      It belongs at all three levels (in response to discussion on where information belongs in Inventory)
      We have a separate server  with the images that VuFind calls. (in response to discussion on electronic book plates)
    • Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her) 8:42 AM
      It's a different relationship with donors than with vendors and who should be contacting them.
    • Joe: Does donor information get retained by the library, or by a donor department?
      • Dung-Lan - all we get is the name to put on a book plate. 
      • Lisa Smith - Mich State 8:46 AM
        We would not use any sensitive info in our orders or vendor records.  We have endowment funds named a certain way.
      • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:46 AM
        AS I said, I don’t think we would even enter this information.  There are separate university systems that contain that information.
      • Paivi Rentz 8:47 AM
        Our Acquisitions department does not collect donor information any more. We used to when we had more staff.
      • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:47 AM
        The library has the contact information, but not broadly distributed as a FOLIO record would be.
      • Joe: Is there a desire to even put it in folio?
        • It depends on if the gift is money, a book, a collection....  If it's financial, it would go through the university foundation. 

Action items