2023-06-27 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron NeslinKathleen NortonOkay Okonkwo
    Carol SterenbergKayla ValdiviesoRhonda Fuhrmann
    Dennis BridgesKimberly PamplinSabrina Bayer
    Dung-Lan ChenKimberly SmithSara Colglazier
    Dwayne SwigertKimberly WiljanenScott Perry
    Emily RobertsonKristin MartinSteve Selleck
    Heather McMillanLisa MayburySusie Skowronek
    Joanna CerroLisa SmithSven Thomsen
    Joe ReimersLucinda WilliamsSylvia Hamann
    Julie StaufferMasayo UchiyamaTimothy Nelson


Current: Tuesday, June 27, 2023, noon

Housekeeping -

  • No meeting next Tuesday, 4th of July holiday
  • Next scheduled meeting - Friday, July 7, at 9 am Eastern

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  • Housekeeping -

    • No meeting next Tuesday, 4th of July holiday
    • Next scheduled meeting - Friday, July 7, at 9 am Eastern

 - Kristin Martin: Asked if anyone here has completed rollover, and if so what version. 

  • Dung-Lan, they did. it failed. 
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:03 PM
    We have yet to succeed.
    MODORDERS-901 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Dennis: Just I believe it has something to do with having a fund distribution by amount.  
  • Kimberly Smith 12:06 PM
    Is this on an ongoing order?
    • Dennis: Type of order doesn't matter, it's the type of fund distribution because a fund distribution can be a percentage.  We are still investigating this.  
    • At :08 in the recording, Dennis demonstrated what he is talking about in folio. 
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:05 PM
    We’re also receiving an error against a PO closed in FY22.
    We’re in Solana.  The bug relates to Orchid
  • Kimberly Smith 12:06 PM
    Is this on an ongoing order?
    We have done 2 successful Test Rollovers, but we are scheduled to do the actual rollover on Friday.
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:09 PM
      Wonderful.  Which version?

    • Kimberly Smith 12:10 PM
      Nolana.  We will move to Orchid on 7/8

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:17 PM
    If you don't encumber money on the ongoing orders, you don't need to roll it, right?

    scolglaz  to  Everyone 12:18 PM
    I think I have to roll them so then I can pay them?!
    phew! for me then! ;-)

    • Dennis: In the settings, by not checking rollover, the system will create encumbrances but it will be for zero dollars. If you check the box, and all of the orders have a $0 amount, it's the same result. 
  • Kimberly Smith: In test, can we see what orders look like after test?
    • The test doesn't show that at the moment. It produces the error report, but that is it. 
    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:24 PM
      We’re testing in a separate test environment and stopped running the test rollover function at all.

    • Dung-Lan Chen  to  Everyone 12:24 PM
      test result CSV helps to look at the total encumbrances of each line

    • Scott Perry (UChicago)  to  Everyone 12:25 PM
      We use the LDP/Metadb to see all of the transactions.

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State  to  Everyone 12:28 PM
      and allocation?

  • Discussion around how long it takes FY rollover to run before it fails. Previous discussions were that the acceptable time for rollover to happen was overnight. 


 Implementers Topic

  • #91 Inventory: adding additional acquisition data in the item record.
  • To have a quick overview of frequently needed information and to avoid of "jumping" between multiple apps, it is desired to have additional acquisition data displayed in the "acquisition" accordion of the item record. Requested are:

    • Cost
    • Acquisition method
    • Organization code (extension by supplier name and linking to the respective data record)
    • Fund

    Use case:

    User looses item (Ie. a physical item) and needs to know how much they will need to pay for it. Ideally this cost data would be an accurate cost for the item from the invoice app
    NDA's generally only apply to the cost of electronic packages so displaying this information would not be possible but for physical items it is not a problem
    There are special funds that have restrictions that could complicate replacing the material. Helpful to show but not necessary to have it appear there.
    Users in inventory may edit this cost field manually when an accurate cost is not available in acquisitions. (Talk to metadata). 

  • Dennis: There is a note that may need to talk to metadata team. 
  • Dennis:  still have questions on having a cost field in an inventory record.  Specifically talking about this in an item record, not in the inventory, correct?
    • Yes
    • Dennis: If cost coming from POL, there could be more than one item associated with that pol. Would displaying cost need to take into consideration other items?
      • Sara: Yes. 
      • Dennis: Were you manually editing in other systems?
        • Sara: We could in our previous system. 
      • Dennis: Is this cost information only used when charging a patron when replacing an item? Is that the only use case? If not, what are the other use cases? It might makes sense to have a standard replacement cost that can be assigned based on type, rather than on price it was purchased it. 
  • Conversation to be continued. 

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