2023-06-20 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron NeslinJean PajerekLisa MayburySabrina Bayer
Ann CrowleyJoanna CerroLisa SmithSara Colglazier
Carol SterenbergJoe ReimersLucinda WilliamsScott Perry
Corrie HutchinsonJulie BrannonMartina SchildtSusie Skowronek
Dennis BridgesJulie StaufferMasayo UchiyamaSteve Selleck
Dung-Lan ChenKathleen NortonMolly DriscollSuzette Caneda
Dwayne SwigertKayla ValdiviesoNancy PelisSven Thomsen
Emily RobertsonKimberly SmithOkay OkonkwoSylvia Hamann
Heather McMillanKristin MartinPeter BreternitzVictoria Anderson
Jackie MagagnoscLinh ChangPeter SbrzesnyWinter White


  • Housekeeping -

    Business -

    • Confirm the retrieving of Product IDs for POL is appropriate MODORDERS-898 - Retrieve Product IDs from instance consistently when creating POL or changing connection of POL DRAFT
    • Review and discuss use cases for displaying piece information in discovery platforms

Discussion items

:00Transition announcement from Julie Brannon (Duke University)Julie Brannon
  • Duke will not be participating in FOLIO as of Sept. Julie has been on the documentation working group. Molly Driscoll will take over that role. 
  • Everyone expressed their great appreciation for the work Julie has done and appreciation to Molly for taking on the role. 
    • Dennis Bridges 12:09 PM
      Thank you indeed Julie. You have made an incredible contribution to FOLIO and we will always be grateful! If you ever feel compelled to come back feel free 🙂
 :09Confirm the retrieving of Product IDs for POL is appropriate MODORDERS-898  Dennis


  • Retrieve product ID's from Instance consistently when creating POL or changing connection of POL
  • Problem that had to do with product ID that comes from Inventory.  Only certain types of product ID are being pulled into the order record when we use the title look up.  The types listed in the drop down in the product ID type. 
  • There are other types, like 'invalid issn'. At the moment, that is not pulled in. 
  • When adding the connection in a different way, it pulled all of the identifiers. 
  • This was identified as a problem since it's not consistent. Should we still be limiting product identifiers? or just have all brought in? It's been so long since we discussed this, wanted to bring it back to the group. 
  • Are there and resource identifies we DON'T want to appear in a PO for any reason?
    • Dennis: I am leaning towards keeping it the way it is done from the PO area, at this point it doesn't include additional identifier types.  
    • Dung-Lan Chen 12:21 PM
      Would invalid ISBNs be pulled in as well?  If yes, then that may cause confusing if it's not indicated "the invalid" symbol.
      • Sara: Right now it brings over anything with a 020A. The z will not be pulled in.
    • Sara: In the invoice line I really like that I can manipulate the vendor identifier without breaking link to the pol, In orders, if I touch the identifier in anyway, I break the link.  
      • Dennis: Product ID's are locked once it's open. 
      • Sara: It would be nice to to edit without breaking the link. 
      • wiljanen 12:28 PM
        It  would be nice also to be able to add an ISBN for a newer volume to the order record without breaking the connection rather than adding it to the notes to the vendor
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      • Dennis: We would have to make it possible to edit this in an open order and even in poppy this isn't editable. But this is something we could change. 
        • Dennis: Will create a story for this so we can discuss it in more detail.  
        • Dennis: Would you want to add. remove, manipulate existing id?
          • scolglaz 12:30 PM
            Yes, all 3
:37 use cases for displaying piece information in discovery platformsDennis
  • UXPROD-3525
  • Extend piece "receiving history' information from holdings display to public display
  • Went over use cases already identified in the UXPROD-3535 
  • Are these still valid use cases?
    • Group said yes.
  • Dennis: What other platformas are people using?
    • VuFind, Ebsco Discovery Service, Locate,  Blacklight implementation
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:52 PM
      We also use viewfind

      Kristin Martin  to  Everyone 12:52 PM
      We still use VuFind separately.

      Kimberly Smith  to  Everyone 12:52 PM
      We are currently using VuFind and EBSCO EDS

      Jackie Magagnosc 12:52 PM
      Cornell has a Blacklight implementation

Action items