2023-08-08 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron NeslinJoe ReimersMasayo UchiyamaShannon Burke
    Anne SayakhomJulie StaufferNick HardebeckSusanne Gill
    Dennis BridgesKathleen NortonNina StellmannSusie Skowronek
    Dung-Lan ChenKayla ValdiviesoOkay OkonkwoSuzanne Mangrum
    Dwayne SwigertKimberly PamplinPeter BreternitzSuzette Caneda
    Emily RobertsonKimberly SmithPeter SbrzesnySven Thomsen
    Heather McMillanKimberly WiljanenRhonda FuhrmannTimothy Nelson
    Jackie MagagnoscKristin MartinSabrina BayerVictoria Anderson
    Jean PajerekLisa SmithSara ColglazierWinter White
    Joanna CerroLucinda WilliamsScott Perry


Discussion items

  • Wolfcon sessions
 :07 Implementers Topics #98
  •  Implementers Topics #98 Orders: Add "Receiving workflow" as filter and export to .csv
  • The POL "Receiving workflow" field isn't included as a POL filter or included in the Actions > Export results (CSV) file.  Troubleshooting and reporting would be easier if this field were included in one or both places within the Orders app..

    From Julie at Duke:  While we're looking at this, should we also consider adding the "Receiving workflow" as a filter in the Receiving app or is it sufficient to just include it on the POL as a filter?

    • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:17 PM
      We export order details, which add a layer to our record cleanup efforts, for 'open' POs with XXX from POL -or- 'closed' POs with XXX from POL.
    • Use case: User is trying to resolve issues with orders that are of a certain workflow. 
  • Dennis will create a JIRA issue for adding filters. 

Implementers Topics #99
  • Implementers Topics 99
  • Building invoices from smaller vendors: embedded MARC
  • UXPROD-663 - Import Invoices based on data supplied in MARC Bibliographic records DRAFT is about building invoices from embedded MARC. This is functionality we've been waiting on, because we are using an external tool with Google scripts which is not a good long term solution and has limitations. EDI invoicing will be helpful, but we have many smaller vendors/approval plans where the vendor can't supply EDI, and we are not staffed to manually enter these invoices. Could we get an update on when this will be scheduled? And what are other libraries doing without this functionality?
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:26 PM
    Mich State would like MARC invoice options, too.  We used it in our previous system. We need the prices in the MARC data
  • Dennis: The invoices you are currently creating based on orders, is that an acceptable method? Is it problematic to use order information instead of inventory data?
    • Kristin: They are using order data
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:29 PM
    The invoice data has the actual billed amount.
  • Peter Sbrzesny 12:31 PM
    At GBV we can Import invoice data in a Special XML Format.
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:31 PM
    Gobi, Harrassowitz and WT Cox switched to EDI for us; we hand key the rest!
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:31 PM
    Do you receive the XML format from the vendor?
    • Peter: Yes, get xml data from vendors
  • Peter Sbrzesny 12:32 PM
    So we are also interested in other import options than only EDI. 
  • Aaron Neslin 12:33 PM
    is https://github.com/folio-labs/folio-order-import-tool the tool?
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:33 PM
    Is it X12 format?
    • Peter Sbrzesny 12:35 PM
      PICA XML is used for GBV invoice import
  • Sabrina Bayer 12:34 PM
    We use EDI for invoicing. for the bavarian libraries
  • Since this is under Ann Marie, and also an acquisitions item, we'll come back to this discussion when Ann Marie can attend the meeting. 
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:37 PM
    Isn’t A-M in a session at WoflCon related to import/export?

:40Implementers Topics # 100
  • Orders
  • Viewing a PO in Orders app → looking at related invoice lines accordeon: Would be useful to show start and end of subscription as part of the table; should display the calculation period which is recorded in the Invoice LineGoal: allocate piece and invoice line
  • UIOR 1131

    • Update related invoice details to include additional fields

  • Dennis made a note that we updated the scope of UIOR 1131. We hadn't captured subscription information as one of the data points so that is now added. 
:52Implementers Topics # 102
  • Invoices: if Voucher Export is run withOUT a server to Upload to then download is possible but Batch file status displays as Error  
  • With UXPROD3600 (Morning Glory) one can now manage Voucher Export without needing access to Settings–which is great!! BUT since FOLIO is unable to upload to a secure ftp server (just yet?!) and our College will not provide us access to anything but a secure server, we run the Voucher Export and then download the file and "manually" handle the rest ... So far so good as far as being able to get Invoices/Vouchers to our College's AP department to be paid. HOWEVER, the Batch file status displays as Error, which is really confusing, because it makes it seem like we were not able to get the Invoices/Vouchers out to transfer to AP.
    • Could there be a third option, Error or Failed, for when it truly failed; Uploaded for when it successfully uploaded to a server; and then something (Batched ??) for when a Batch file was created that is available for download/export but not also uploaded anywhere.

      Seeing Error in Voucher export details on Invoices is especially confusing.

  • Sara: We discussed this topic a little in slack. 
  • Dennis: After we investigated this, I think we decided we needed to look at your logs. This is on pause until we look at that. 
  • Lisa Smith - Mich State 12:51 PM
    We did talk about it, but I couldn't get it to work, either.
    • Lisa, it's not a 530 error, it's just an error message.
    • Dennis: This might be a separate thing, not sure. We need to investigate more closely. 

Action items