2023-11-21 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron NeslinKathleen NortonNatalya Pikulik
Ann CrowleyKayla ValdiviesoPeter Sbrzesny
Catherine TuohyKimberly PamplinRhonda Fuhrmann
Daniel HuangKimberly WiljanenScott Perry
Dennis BridgesKristin MartinShannon Burke
Dung-Lan ChenLinh ChangStephanie Larrison
Jackie MagagnoscLisa MayburySusanne Gill
Jean PajerekLisa SmithSven Thomsen
Jenn ColtMartina SchildtTimothy Nelson
Joe Reimersmu44Winter White
John BanionisNancy Pelis


    • Current: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

      Housekeeping -

      • No meeting this coming Friday (11/24)
      • Next meeting - Tuesday, 11/28, at 1 pm Eastern
      • Currently planned for Dec. 8 (Friday) at 9 am Eastern - Bjorn Muschall on behalf of German Acquisitions community's will present a feature request about further integration "e-mail" in the integration details in the Organization app for sending orders via email  

      Business -

      • Kim Wiljanen will present Michigan State Univ. Library's workflow using Data Import to create orders with MARC records for various types of orders (Thank you Kim!!)

Discussion items

  • No meeting this coming Friday (11/24)
  • Next meeting - Tuesday, 11/28, at 1 pm Eastern
  • Currently planned for Dec. 8 (Friday) at 9 am Eastern - Bjorn Muschall on behalf of German Acquisitions community's will present a feature request about further integration "e-mail" in the integration details in the Organization app for sending orders via email  
:04Presentation of using Data Import to create orders with MARC recordsKimberly Wiljanen
  • 2 URLs for field mapping and creating job profiles that I have placed in the Chat Order creation is a segment in Molly’s introduction to Orchid and is  available on EBSCO Academy.  It is available for any EBSCO libraries with a Connect account to view: https://connect.ebsco.com/s/share-video-authenticated?&vtui__mediaId=a1h5a00000AVPJIAA5 Ann-Marie also created a more extensive video, which is freely accessible on Google Drive here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ivj9Wbfl7zu7FI53o8p4IbSEO3HrsUlx/view?usp=drive_linkI
  • Discussion of history and process + demo
  • Started with Lehigh script, but required updating each record and only handled GOBI approval plans
  • Orders now require fewer updates
  • Separate MARC files and use data import profile to create orders
  • Orders brought in as pending, no inventory created - instances will come when record is open.
  • Will update records with GOBI approval plan update instance job profile - updates all of the instances to come out as MARC records
  • Jenn Colt 12:14 PM
    Is this speed normal?
    • Can be, yes.
  • Instance record is suppressed, source changes to MARC. Still uncataloged, has no holdings or items.
  • Kristin Martin 12:16 PM
    These are shelf-ready, so do you create those through a third profile?
    *those holdings/items
    • Are holdings/items created through a third profile? 
      • They are created manually. Processors verify that books are correct and that record is complete and then will pass book over to catalogers or add holdings and items.
    • Do you add the barcode?
      • Goes over to datacat people who will add
  • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:19 PM
    how are you handing multiple fund codes per order type? ex. GOBI approval plan split across three fund codes
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:20 PM
      MSU only used one fund code for all of our Gobi approval books 
    • Break up MARC record, comes in with three different plans. Split it so they go into separate files and can change account numbers and vendor codes
  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:21 PM
    Yes, we split each account to match the invoices
  • Jenn Colt 12:21 PM
    Are the multiple loads of the same records (a PO load and a follow up load) because you need to have them loaded as pending? What has to happen that requires the pending stage?
    • First load created the orders. Orders have to be opened to create instances so they can be updated. Second load was to update the inventory records and change source from FOLIO to MARC.
    • Can do this all at once, unless you have to do the pending state in between. 
    • Were always unopening and reopening, so it became preferable to create in pending state.
    • With one vendor do create as open records.
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:24 PM
      Kim and I have talked about updating the loads to 'open' for at least some of the shipments
  • Vendor records that are not fully cataloged go to catalogers. 
  • Rely on ISBNs to create orders.
    • Do you have to have a product ID to create an order? 
    • Using it as a match point.
  • Jenn Colt 12:27 PM
    Do you do duplicate checking?
    • When create orders in pending, do not see in inventory.
    • Processors double-check
  • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:28 PM
    Thank you for this demo it is really cool what you are doing! I think not being able to change import settings on the fly for MoA and fund code may stymie us at Lehigh. Neato nonetheless!
    • Kristin Martin 12:36 PM
      @Daniel Huang, Lehigh University, you can map the fund code through the MARC fields.
    • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:37 PM
      how about the vendor and MoA?
    • Kristin Martin 12:39 PM
      So far, our files are separated by vendor, but looks like you could map vendor name. Remind me, MoA=?
    • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:39 PM
      Method of Acq
    • Kristin Martin 12:40 PM
      Possibly? It's a dropdown. We haven't tried mapping that.
    • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:41 PM
      I don't think LYU could use it as is if we didn't  have MoA import
    • Kristin Martin 12:43 PM
      So do you mix approvals and firms in the same file?
    • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:44 PM
      essentially, yes. We have probably 8-12 types of order types
  • Kristin - Found in data import log that log said it created no items, but it did create items. Looking at log later, said it created items. Have you experienced this kind of lag? 
    • Have not created holdings and items at this point. Processors will double-check. 
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:31 PM
      I've seen that happen with approving or paying invoices.  FOLIO says "Not Approved" or "Not Paid", but the invoice really is approved or paid.
  • Are you not tying your piece to an item during receiving? What are you doing with the receiving process?
    • Receiving for internal purposes. Not tied to inventory record at all. Does not display to public until cataloger unsuppresses.
    • Doing this for everything right now.
  • Profiles for other vendors rely on ISBNs.
  • For music scores use ISMN.
  • ~:38 China classic books - example of vendor that supplys information on a spreadsheet
    • Books do not ship at the same time
    • Created as single order
    • Opened when created
    • Not cataloged and are suppressed
  • Saves a lot of time on order creation.
  • GOBI firm orders come through GOBI API.
  • Can method of acquisition be mapped in data import?
    • Lehigh has 9 custom ones
    • Discussion regarding mapping
    • Question for Ann-Marie

Action items