2023-08-01 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Aaron Neslin, Corrie Hutchinson, Daniel Huang, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Hansie Grignon, Joe Reimers, Kathleen Norton, Kayla Valdivieso, Kimberly Pamplin, Kimberly Smith, Kristin Martin, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Lucinda Williams, Masayo Uchiyama, Nina Stellman, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Breternitz, Peter Sbrzesny, Rhonda Fuhrmann, Sara Colglazier, Sven Thomsen, Timothy Nelson, Victoria Anderson, Winter White


Housekeeping -

  • Expects a shorter meeting today as PO is only available for the first half of the meeting
  • Seeking topics for this Friday's meeting (August 4)

Business -

PC Update (Kristin Martin ) -

Discussion items

  • Friday - Anything to discuss, please share. If nothing concrete, we will not meet.
:06Implementers' Topics #93Dennis Bridges, Kristin Martin
  • In order and holdings can set as physical or electronic, but these two fields do not communicate with each other.
  • Those are the only two possible types for holdings. Order may have P+E or Other.
  • What to do if the format is mixed (P/E Mix) = Physical Holdings Type (User would need to manually adjust holdings as desired as they currently do)
  • What to do if the format is other (Other) = Physical Holdings Type (These might be an edge case as generally format other is used with a create inventory setting that does not include holding or item.) 
  • Currently always physical when creating holdings from order record. Treat "other" as physical. 
  • Kristin: Wouldn't want to see location be the driving force here. A lot of variation in how people handle location.
  • ~:14 discussion regarding GOBI API / integration. 
  • This is the Holdings Type in Holdings. - Note: this is a configurable field.
  • Probably cannot set defaults because these could be deleted or changed
    • Would have to add some kind of matching, where in order settings we would have to say default or for each of the order formats could map to something specific. E.g. - For this order format use this term. 
  • Allowing an area in settings where users could select a corresponding Holdings type for each available order format would provide the necessary flexibility for libraries that want to use this functionality in a particular way.
  • Note: Currently the holdings type field is NOT populated with a value when the holding is created by the holdings app. This is problematic because it is difficult to identify these holdings and clean them up.
  • ~:27 problem with search and filtering. Of the filtering, cannot filter on select holdings type. Can only filter if it has had something selected. Blank or negative is not possible to filter. (Good cross app topic.) 
    • Kimberly Smith 12:29 PM
      Agreed.  Finding the negative or not selected is a trick
  • Would either need to choose a default. At least makes it possible to identify. (e.g. could set to unspecified and from there could filter for them in Inventory). 
  • Other approach is to base it on some data in the order record. Order format may be appropriate, but maybe not detailed enough. May need field to set the desired holdings type for the order record. Have a holdings type associated with create inventory. Or map based on order format or material type or something else.
  • May be hard to come up with straightforward mapping. Mapping would need to be really flexible or may not be useful to some libraries. 
  • Should be standard to filter on null value. 
  • Can do query search. Have to have something positive at the front and then add the following:
    • NOT holdings.holdingsTypeId=""

PC Updates

Kristin Martin
:40Topics?Dung-Lan Chen
  • Sara Colgalazier:
    • Consequences of unopening orders (returning to pending)
    • How to handle multi-volume sets, may not be apparent when ordered.
  • ~:48, Kimberly Smith:
    • GOBI API / integration - maybe someone could do a show and tell regarding settings, problems, etc. to help other people get up and running
      • 5 Colleges implemented last fall - might be good to see if there are other libraries with different integrations that they would like to present. Can be eye-opening to see how it is done in a different process/system.
      • If others who do not mind, share with the group
  • Kimberly Smith 12:53 PM
    Maybe even a show and tell from someone that has tried the new functionality of Orchid about creating orders from imported data
    • Creating orders from MARC bibs
    • UXPROD-185 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items