2023-07-21 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron NeslinKimberly PamplinPaivi Rentz
    Ann CrowleyKimberly SmithPeter Breternitz
    Dennis BridgesKimberly WiljanenSara Colglazier
    Dung-Lan ChenLinh ChangScott Perry
    Dwayne SwigertLisa SmithSusie Skowronek
    Heather McMillanMasayo UchiyamaSven Thomsen
    Jackie MagagnoscNancy PelisSylvia Hamann
    Joe ReimersNina StellmannTimothy Nelson
    Julie StaufferOkay OkonkwoVictoria Anderson
    Kathleen NortonOwen Stephens


Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • August 22 (Tuesday) meeting cancelled - conflict to WOLFCon 2023
    • PC Updates postponed (Kristin Martin is on vacation)
    • Next meeting - Tuesday, July 25, at 1 pm Eastern

Review "Do not include Inactive Fund, Budget or Expense class in GROUP summary"

 - UIF-468 (ui-finance)

  • Purpose: Legers, groups and funds that have be set to inactive are no longer being used. As a result they should not to display on the fiscal year summary screen. Also any value associated with them should not be included in the Fiscal year summary activity
  • User story statement(s):

    As a librarian managing library finances
    I want inactive records not to be included in views or summary calculation
    So that i can deactivate records that are no longer needed and not confuse them for active records when working with FY ledger and group views.

  • Scenarios:

    1. Group:
      • Given Group has a status of inactive
      • When Ledger summary is displayed
      • Then the Group does not appear under Group accordion
    2. Fund:
      • Given Fund has a status of inactive
      • When Ledger summary is displayed
      • Then the Fund does not appear under Fund accordion
    3. Budget:
      • Given Budget has a status of inactive
      • When Ledger summary is displayed
      • Then the Budget totals are not counted in the Fiscal year Financial summary
  • Dennis: Is anyone using inactive budgets? If we aren't using them, it would be odd to still display a value.  
  • Ann: If we decide to go back to a prior year, and make them inactive, how does that affect when we go back and look at a  prior year?
    • Dennis: As far as FOLIO, that hinges on the budget. If you made a budget inactive 5 years ago, then we can exclude the value of that. But you might have a budget for that ledger that appears on this years ledger. 
    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:13 AM
      We occasionally change funds, and it would be nice for those funds to have the option to not be seen in groups, ledgers, etc. For example, we created a new fund this year for Western European history, and will no longer use UK, Germany, French, etc funds.
      Agree!  We would want to know the past history of 'inactive' funds.

    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:14 AM
      Inactive as opposed to closed?

      • Dennis: Yes, Inactive as opposed to closed. 
  • Dennis: Would you expect the allocated value to be included in the ledgers value?
    • When the fund was active, In prior years yes, in the current year, no. 
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:17 AM
    I would for any year the fund was active at any point

    Scott Perry (UChicago)  to  Everyone 8:17 AM
    If there were expenditures, yes I would want to see it.
    Inactive funds are common.
    At least for us.

    Dung-Lan Chen 8:22 AM
    Yes, if there is money in there then it should display even if it's inactive.

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:23 AM
    Title VI funds, for example, operate on a different fiscal year.  Once we have fully expended them they become inactive so no more activity can happen.  I still want to see them.
  • Not actually recreating ledger every year. Ledger lives on as a specific object. It is the budgets that are rolled over. Ledgers have fund. Each fund has a budget or not.
  • Structure stays in place, is fixed. Budgets are what is rolling over.
  • :27 – e.g. in BugFest Orchid - Create new fund for ledger, but it does not have a budget. It does not appear in the list of funds, because it does not have the budget for this year. If you had a fund that’s money you just got for 2022 and created that fund with budget of x; you make it inactive because expended. No budget created for 2023. No longer appears on the ledger moving forward.
  • Challenge is that for ledgers, if you’re creating many ledgers, the ledger would need to be deleted to no longer display. If any financial activity, can’t be deleted. Even if only used for one year, still there in the ledger.

:34Implementers Topic  # 101
  • Invoices: View associated budget
  • The Finance app has a way to navigate from the budget to an invoice (via the transaction log), but there is no reference in the opposite direction. It would be nice if it were possible to see (and even navigate to) what budget an invoice was paid on to determine what fiscal year the invoice belongs too. It would also be useful to be able to filter on this when searching in the Invoices app.

    Note: This would be very similar to the way that Nolana invoice lines link out to encumbrance transactions in Finance.

  • Kimberly - it's tricky to tell what fiscal year an invoice was paid on. 
  • Dennis: It appears in Poppy. 
  • K Smith: Will that field be exportable when it's released? Having the FY be a filterable field in an excel file would be helpful. 
  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 8:39 AM
    The budget for a fund includes the fiscal year

  • Owen Stephens  to  Everyone 8:39 AM
    Poppy is due for 20th November now

  • scolglaz  to  Everyone 8:39 AM
    And again how does it look at the POL ?

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:40 AM
    I look up paid dates when the invoice date is close.  Seeing the FY will be nice. Sierra used to display both the inv & paid dates in the 'line summary' - it was nice.

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:43 AM
    Yes, I scan the ongoing payments from the POL all the tilme.

  • scolglaz 8:46 AM
    I don't think we are asking for the payment date to be shown, but the FY to be shown

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:46 AM
    This happened in our previous system; we would note the date discrepancy
  • Dennis: Will create some stories now, should be quick. Sort of resolved in Poppy but there are a few things to make sure we do. 
  • Invoices: if Voucher Export is run withOUT a server to Upload to then download is possible but Batch file status displays as Error  
  • With UXPROD3600 (Morning Glory) one can now manage Voucher Export without needing access to Settings–which is great!! BUT since FOLIO is unable to upload to a secure ftp server (just yet?!) and our College will not provide us access to anything but a secure server, we run the Voucher Export and then download the file and "manually" handle the rest ... So far so good as far as being able to get Invoices/Vouchers to our College's AP department to be paid. HOWEVER, the Batch file status displays as Error, which is really confusing, because it makes it seem like we were not able to get the Invoices/Vouchers out to transfer to AP.
  • Just want to change the wording.  Nothing went wrong, it's just a verbiage thing. 
  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 8:55 AM
    I had a topic a bit further down about adding sub start/end date to POL - maybe it could be added to the FY story?
    +1 Sarah - this causes confusion for those folks not familiar with the use
  • Dennis: If you have an FTP location  in your configuration and maybe just didn't add a username or password. 

Action items