2023-01-10 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron Neslin, Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Carol Sterenberg, Corrie Hutchinson, Daniel Huang, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Heather McMillan, Julie Brannon, Julie Strauffer, Kathleen Norton, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Lucinda Williams, Martina Schildt, Mary Moran, Masayo Uchiyama, Nancy Pelis, Nina Stellmann, Okay Okonkwo, Paivi Rentz, Peter Breternitz, Peter Sbrzesny, Steve Selleck, Sven Thomsen, Sylvia Hamann, Winter White


  • Friday meeting change
  • order history functionality
  • Allow users to process invoices against previous years

Discussion items

Friday meeting changeDennis
  • This Friday's meeting can happen as scheduled. Moving forward, need to change Friday's since Sprint review Friday's have changed. Or shorten the meeting from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Dennis can meet for 30 minutes on the Friday's current scheduled. 
  • Quick vote - 11 people are good with swapping Friday's.  Will put it in slack to get more input.  Will probably start with Friday, Feb.3
 :14 order history functionality Dennis:

Demo - to show how order history functionality is progressing.  

  • Demo is in rancher environment (development environment)

  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:20 PM
    Will the version tracking also display changes that were made by the system. For example, changes in receipt status,  payment status, or order status if it's closed automatically?
    • Dennis: Yes
    • Keep in mind this is the first version of this functionality. 
    • Are not able to see related changes like in invoices. Will not see that accordion. 
    • Another quirk - when something is deleted, like a product ID, it's hard to represent that in version history. You will not see it high lighted because it's gone.  You can see it looking at the different versions in history, but what's deleted is not high lighted. 
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:24 PM
    Looks good to me!

:24Allow users to process invoices against previous yearsDennis: 
  • For users that have permission to pay in previous FY's, plan is to give you additional options in the confirmation model. 
  • Select the FY
  • Will run all the same approve and pay logic, but against the FY selected. As long as the budget is open and satisfy's all the restrictions you have set in place to allow the approval.
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:32 PM
    We need to do these kinds of transactions within a couple of weeks of our FYRO, to make our FOLIO numbers match up with the University Accounting numbers.  Usually there's something that didn't get processed, so we need to 'unpay' or something we didn't expect, like a credit card payment get paid, and then we would need to 'pay.'  Glad to hear this!
  • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:34 PM
    If we receive a late invoice we just process against the current year
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:34 PM
  • From Lucinda Williams (she/her) to Everyone 12:34 PM
  • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 12:34 PM
    same here
  • From Steve Selleck to Everyone 12:34 PM
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:37 PM
    Our year end reports have always been due BEFORE our final FY ends, so the University knows the reports are not completely precise, but they are very close.
  • Okay would like to see this feature in cases where we pre paid a vendor, then received a credit for funds not spent. If you pay for something in the previous year, would like to put back in that year. If put the refund in current year, folio does not show that you overspent your FY budget. 
:47Implementers Topic # 73 Display currency on Fiscal Year and Budget
  • no.73 display currency on Fiscal Year and Budget
  • Could we consider displaying the currency associated with a Fiscal year record and also display currency on the budget?  Currently, we can only see the currency on the Fund detail pane. This came up because Molly Driscoll noticed some odd behavior when the snapshot environment tenant currency was changed from USD to PLN. 

    • When she created a new POL, the currency was PLN --> this was expected based on the tenant currency.
    • When she opened the order, the encumbrance was still reflected in USD with a converted value --> this was unexpected because the tenant currency was PLN and the currency value on the fund was PLN.

    Dennis explained that "in some places on the order we show currency based on "currency setting" in tenant settings. However, transactions are converted based on the budget currency. Which is set based on the fiscal year currency. The fiscal year currency is set based on the currency setting when the fiscal year is created." When she looked at the JSON for the fiscal year, I could see that the fiscal year currency was, in fact, USD, which accounted for the converted encumbrance.

    Molly brought this to my attention to request that folio.docs.org documentation be updated to explain this expected behavior, but I think it would also help if users could view the currency value assigned to a Fiscal Year and to a budget to help troubleshoot in the event that they change their default currency in Tenant > Settings. Currently, the currency value is displayed only at the Fund level. 

  • Dennis: Decided to accommodate currency changes between fiscal years. 
  • There are some areas where the system looks at the tenant currency setting, then uses that symbol and format. It is a good idea to display that throughout. 
  • May need to create a bug in either the budget or fund that is making it look like it's possible for it to look out of sync. 

Action items