2023-05-25 Metadata Management Meeting notes


~ 27 attendees

Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on AWS from 2022 onwards: https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/folio/metadata-management-sig/

Discussion items

NotetakerMałgorzata Gajkiewicz 


From Kristin Martin via Slack:

The Product Council will be a holding a meeting on June 1, https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PC/2023-06-01+Product+Council+Meeting+notes, at 9:30-11 AM ET. The meeting will be devoted to Data Import. We will have guests from EBSCO discussing how they are investigating and planning to address data import shortcomings. This conversation is an opportunity to gain a shared understanding across the project of the state of Data Import and understand how the problems will be addressed. It brings together excellent work already performed via the Data Import Group, ARLEF, Index Data, and others. There are some documents best read in advance, associated with the agenda. I have tried to include problem documents developed by the Data Import Group and Metadata Management SIG, but please let me know if there are some more I should highlight. Please share with anyone interested.

PC update

PC announcements:

  • 2 new POs User Management Amelia Sutton will replace Patty W; Thomas Trutt from Cornell will be the PO for item states; new development team, MOL (Mol.net)  from Poland will work on MARC templates
  • Duquesne College Library, Albright College library and Notre Dame Law Library are all live and in production
  • Sharon reminded PC that we need a new SIG liaison

Council Reports:

  • Technical Council: finalizing new module approval process documentation; continuing work on browser support and working on being open to using other browser and setting some browser standards(slack channel for browser support); examining how the TC should support technology changes/updates such as JAVA, Kafka, etc.; working on a proposal for CC about have a Developer advocate/coordinator position in the FOLIO project
  • Community Council: reports FOLIO budget is stable and there is a surplus and looking at several proposals to considering using the surplus for: the Developer advocate position, security audit, github work, AWS costs are just some of the ideas; elections open to May 29th; continuing to work on the MOU process 
  • PO report: New POs Amelia Sutton and Thomas Trutt; working on Poppy issues and the development for the Q release; working on Title Level Request still being finalized; Met with Roadmap group led by Jenn Colt and discussed better alignment of JIRA work to accurately reflect the PO work 

Wolfcon sessions suggestions:

  • JIRA and Confluence session; How to effectively use and search both JIRA and confluence; how to build and view dashboards and how best to tag and enter information in JIRA
  • Productivity tips for POs
  • Support and Release management session on bugs and enhancement evaluation
  • Roadmap alignment with release roadmap align dashboards and Kanban and Release digest- Jenn Colt is working on prototypes to help with this discussion
  • Reporting in FOLIO- status of reporting and future of reporting in FOLIO

Reminder June 5th for WolfCon proposal submissions

Diacritics/Special characters demos

FOLIO stores in Unicode and tires to transform everything into UNICODE. Data should be added in that standard, otherwise it can become corrupted.

Lynne Fors : I use the Microsoft Character map. Windows key > search for Character map

Character Map -> “Advanced view” checkbox offers additional useful tools like “Group by”.

Noto Sans Font set: https://fonts.google.com/noto/specimen/Noto+Sans

Raegan Wiecherthttps://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html This is the page I use for alt sequences. Note: alt sequences only work if entered on a keypad. They will not work with the number line at the top of a keyboard.

Felix Hemme : I use this list+search every time I need a complete list of Unicode characters: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm

Proposal for MARC bib rec templates functionality

Presentation attached above. Presented proposal for implementing the MARC bibliographic templates.

The proposal is to create a new "QuickMarc" Settings category, which will group settings that are only for cataloging, including creating templates. Firstly - bibliographic description templates, then authority and holdings templates. Each template will be described with several fields like title and description. Ref: "UXPROD-4247 MARC Bib Templates/Apps / Settings / QuickMarc / Templates"

Persmissions for managing templates will be done as for managing orders. Ref: "UXPROD-4246 MARC Bib Templates/Permission"

Creating a new template can be done in three ways: from scratch, by duplicating an existing template, deriving from existing MARC bibliograhic description. Ref: "UXPROD-4249 MARC Bib Templates/Cataloging - Workflow"

Catalogers will be able to use all templates. For this reason, the functionality of searching through templates using multiple parameters is crucial. Ref: "UXPROD-4317 MARC Bib Templates/Apps / Settings / QuickMarc / Templates / Searching"


  1. Is there a need for creating private templates for your own use?
  2. How to facilitate the search for templates that interest the cataloger? With a "like" function that creates a list of favorites per user? Or maybe by presenting a list "recently used by the user"? Ref: "UXPROD-4324 MARC Bib Templates / Searching / Favorite or Recently used"

Umbrella Jira task:

UXPROD-3939 Bibliographic Templates Support - MARC

Next steps:

MOL Team will prepare mockups to visulalize the proposal and present them next week.


00:03:14    Felix Hemme:    Meeting notes: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/x/uz1H
00:06:13    Felix Hemme:    Meeting notes: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/x/uz1H
00:16:58    Ann-Marie Breaux:    Jira/Confluence WOLFcon session came up in the PO meeting yesterday also. Will be submitting a proposal for that - writing up bugs, enhancement requests, interpreting Jiras, tips & tricks
00:17:49    Sharon Wiles-Young:    Reacted to "Jira/Confluence WOLF..." with 👍
00:18:43    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    Reacted to "Jira/Confluence WOLF..." with 👍🏼
00:23:10    Lynne Fors:    https://fonts.google.com/noto/specimen/Noto+Sans
00:28:18    Lynne Fors:    Thanks Sara!
00:29:23    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    Thanks Sara!  That Character map used to be something I used all the time, but I had forgotten the advanced search part.  So very useful!!
00:30:43    Ryan Tamares - Stanford Law Library:    MacOS users can use Keyboard viewer to see shortcuts for special characters. There’s at least one or two more native Mac OS entry methods as well
00:32:27    Ann-Marie Breaux:    Reacted to "MacOS users can use ..." with ✅
00:32:51    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    I am happy to be wrong, but I hope I am not, of course.  I will do a little research and get back to this group. :)
00:33:14    Ann-Marie Breaux:    That would be really helpful, Jacquie - thank you!
00:34:53    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    this document is very interesting and also supports my recollection on inserting ASCII vs. Unicode: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/insert-ascii-or-unicode-latin-based-symbols-and-characters-d13f58d3-7bcb-44a7-a4d5-972ee12e50e0#bm1
00:35:12    Christie Thomas (University of Chicago, she/her):    Is anyone validating character encoding before batch loading MARC records? If so, what tools are you using for that? Or if you are using LDP or metadb do you have a query for identifying character encoding issues in your FOLIO data? We had a query for doing this in our previous system.
00:35:27    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    The ASCII can sometime Look like the Unicode character, but they are not the same encoding.
00:35:56    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    I think MarcEdit can be used to validate the character set.
00:36:30    Ryan Tamares - Stanford Law Library:    Reacted to "I think MarcEdit can..." with ☑️
00:37:21    Ann-Marie Breaux:    The implementers group may have some ideas or guidance on data cleanup. I know the EBSCO Implementation Coordinators spend a lot of time on it with migrating libraries
00:38:37    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    Reacted to "The implementers gro..." with 👍🏼
00:41:29    Colin V. (he/him):    Replying to "Is anyone validating..."

I'm using LDLite to get at issues that come up.  Not a proactive or comprehensive approach, but we are finding stuff.  I'm happy to Slack the full query I'm working on, but as a teaser, I'm looking for things like...
--and m."content" like '%%'  --causes title to not be exported to EDS
--and m."content" like '%Ì‚%'  --can't edit record in quickMARC - seems to be in nature of contents pos?
00:42:57    Christie Thomas (University of Chicago, she/her):    Replying to "Is anyone validating..."

Thanks, Colin. I would like to see your query if you would slack it to me.
00:43:05    Colin V. (he/him):    Reacted to "Thanks, Colin. I wou..." with 👍
00:44:44    Christie Thomas (University of Chicago, she/her):    Replying to "I think MarcEdit can..."

We did use to use it for character encoding, but now we are seeing a lot more "warnings" showing up in record validation that are not actually encoding errors and it is at a volume that is a challenge for us. Right now we are checking everything, but I was looking to see if there were more efficient means of doing this work.
00:45:13    Christie Thomas (University of Chicago, she/her):    Replying to "The implementers gro..."

Thanks Ann-Marie. That is a good suggestion.
00:49:27    Ann-Marie Breaux:    https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FOLIJET/MOL+team
01:10:27    Ann-Marie Breaux:    I love love love templates. It's been a long time, but back when I did music cataloging, they were so helpful for all the fields and codes
01:11:28    Ryan Tamares - Stanford Law Library:    The proposed QuickMARC templates feature remind me of the OCLC Connexion local constant data
01:12:08    Ryan Tamares - Stanford Law Library:    Replying to "The proposed QuickMA..."

I should clarify and say the private templates specifically
01:12:23    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    So, would an Action "open template" send the user to a list of most used templates?  Or a list to choose from Ryan?
01:12:40    Khalilah (EBSCO):    That's the plan
01:12:44    Jacquie Samples -- Duke:    Reacted to "That's the plan" with 👍🏼
01:13:27    Colin V. (he/him):    Do we have areas of FOLIO where we have user-specific customizations?
01:14:20    Ryan Tamares - Stanford Law Library:    Reacted to "Do we have areas of ..." with âž•
01:15:03    Felix Hemme:    Replying to "Do we have areas of ..."

Dashboards is the only place I am aware of
01:15:18    Ann-Marie Breaux:    I don't think so, Colin. In some areas, you can decide which columns you want for list results, but they only last for your current session
01:15:27    Colin V. (he/him):    Reacted to "I don't think so, Co..." with 💯
01:17:23    Ann-Marie Breaux:    I guarantee you will get many, many opinions on mockups!
01:20:36    Colin V. (he/him):    that's what I was thinking about in-app user-specific customizations - this could be a first!
01:22:54    Ann-Marie Breaux:    Really interesting - thank you!
01:23:01    scolglaz:    Thank you!
01:23:01    Colin V. (he/him):    Thank you MOL!