Bibliographic Data Flow Task Force

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Problems to solve:

Inconsistencies in record changes between Data Import, QuickMARC, Single Record Import are causing concerns about the ability to round-trip MARC into and out of FOLIO.  The addition of a bulk edit app and an authorities app in the near future will add performance concerns as well.

What are all of the data integrity or data flow issues?

  • Will proposed fixes solve this?


  • Trust in FOLIO data integrity
  • Prepare FOLIO to meet its vision of bibliographic metadata beyond MARC

Required Participant Roles:

  • Metadata Management SIG convener or designees
  • Product Owners for Data Import, QuickMARC, Single Record Import, Inventory, or designees
  • Developer lead(s) or designee

Recommend to PC by :

  • Solutions to address immediate data integrity problems. Solutions can involve architecture, testing plans, development guidelines, Definition of Done, documentation, and analysis of SRS design/intended use, etc...  
  • Strategy to prevent data integrity issues from arising again.
  • Strategy to build trust in FOLIO SRS (and related) data integrity

Source document:


Charlotte Whitt (Inventory PO)

Jenn Colt - Cornell 

Christie Thomas - Chicago

Lisa McColl - Lehigh

Mark Arnold - MSU

Axel Dörrer (University Library Mainz)

Khalilah Gambrell and Ann-Marie Breaux - invited to all meetings, keep close loop, may not have bandwidth for regular attendance. Likely to have more capacity after Juniper release

Harry will consult with Dev Leads

Lucy Liu will be occasional meeting participant