2022-03-10 Metadata Management Meeting notes


~30 attendees


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on AWS from 2022 onwards: https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/folio/metadata-management-sig/

Discussion items

Jennifer Eustis
  • Change back to the one hour meetings due to the shortage of topics? This seems like a reasonable idea.
  • How long do we want to keep the meeting recordings?
  • Do we want to still take attendance in the meeting minutes?

This seems to make sense. We have cancelled some of our meetings. Can we keep the time slot? For example, today we fill in the total amount of time. Do we have to take into account time zones? For example, this would affect those in the western part of the US.  One Stanford person said 8:30 am is fine. If we keep the 90 min. reserved for this zoom room, then if we don't use the full 90 min. we leave early until we really know we don't need this much time. Can we do a Slack poll? Yes a poll seems good. We'll keep it at 90 min. and leave early when we have a shorter agenda.

For recordings, how long do we keep them? Some recordings might be worth keeping for longer. These are being automatically uploaded. Even with the demos, our recordings become obsolete. We will delete old content before 2021. All the meeting minutes are saved. We can establish a routine like where we keep only the 2 current years.

Does it serve any purpose to take attendance? Do people do it because it is part of the default template? Some of the subgroups have the list of the main participants. Should we do a main participants page and have a note about keeping this info updated? On the Home Page we have a list of SME's which hasn't been updated. For each institution, Charlotte can pull out the IndexData people and each institution could do the same. If you need the ability to edit, contact Felix or Raegan with your name and affiliation. A message will be sent to Slack and email. We will remove the table from the template and just update the list of functional experts.

  • Settings card sorting exercise. It takes settings in the Settings App and asks you where you think you would find this setting or permission using a drag and drop with cards and categories. Even if you don't set the Settings, this exercise if valuable. You can add cards. Some of the labels are context dependent and when you see in a list it doesn't quite make sense.
  • WOLFcon planning: FOLIO at WOLFcon 2022: There will be a 2022 conference in Hamburg, German. General Details: https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/upcoming/
    More details: FOLIO at WOLFcon 2022.
    Can we have a session where we talk about having the functionality we have now? What are we doing now in FOLIO for bibliographic description? Lessons Learned and sharing short and long term solutions. There should also be a topic on redoing things in new ways and how things have changed between your old system and FOLIO and one FOLIO release to another. WOLFcon is an opportunity to talk about things at a high level.
  • Please participate in Bugfest: The pre LOTUS environment is being setting up by taking a snapshot of KIWI and then this is migrating to LOTUS. The the PO's to make sure things look good. Some of the tests are now automated and these manual tests can be retired. Only 40% of tests have been claimed. Please CLAIM tests. This is a good way to learn the system. Any of the PO's can help you get on the Slack channel and set up.

PC update

This week was also the SIG updates. There's nothing new for MM to highlight. There were some questions about a translations app that you can find more details in the notes. There was a demo some time ago. The biggest things was to be able to switch languages easily. The translation of reference values would be great. Charlotte will reach out to Peter about these translations of reference values.

Release Notes/Changes
Item. Possible spec bug - numberOfPieces field defined as string type

MODINVSTOR-652 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In the Item record the data property Number of pieces implemented as a string data element. It has been suggested this should be changed to a  integer (numeric) value. 

Question: has any implementing libraries used this data property to provide extra information e.g. 5(1 workbook, 3 hand outs, 1 diagram)?

Reporting SIG has found that this is a string and not a number meaning you can have text and numbers. Is this used as only a number? You might want to reach out to acquisitions. Some people use text in addition to numbers. Some interpret the field has being able to take both text and numbers. This is a string element. Charlotte will get back to the Reporting SIG on this.

Inventory. Current UI display limitation 

UIIN-1841 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Review current UI display limitation with the holdings accordion and item list in the top of the instance - causes some unforeseen limitations. Discuss expectations short term, long term

Right now, it's impossible to implement the change wanted that is described in the issue's comment. Can we live with only the instance that is shown as marked as suppressed from discovery? This seems fine if there was only one holdings that is suppressed. For the 5C, we can have an instance record with 5 holdings. This could be problematic to know when holdings are suppressed. The top instance would be suppressed. The issue is that from the result list you can't see if holdings and items are suppressed. We can use our time better to re-evaluate the result list. Let's not change the UI right now and focus on UXPROD-491.

We have no commitment on when we will work on the result list. This hasn't disappeared from the instance (this being suppressed from discovery). If it is in the holdings record, you can't see it in the result list. You just need to click to see where it is suppressed. For Chicago, this is preferred behavior.

For now, this change would be expensive. We can wait until we can get to UXPROD-491. Many agree with focusing on 491.

Bulk edit update

Lotus status update and plans for Morning Glory

The in-app approach will be developed for Morning Glory. Performance testing will also be done for Morning Glory.

Will you leave behind the csv? The long term plan is to have both csv and in-app approaches. These will be separated by permission sets.

Create/edit of Bound-with

(warning) postponed to next week

UXPROD-3080 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Present UX work for Create and edit of bound-with: UX work for Create and edit of bound-with


17:32:35 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I can
17:36:16 Von  Ryan Tamares (he/him)  an  Alle:
    8:30 is fine
17:36:26 Von  Ryan Tamares (he/him)  an  Alle:
    I should say I’m at Stanford
17:36:38 Von  Marmot Office  an  Alle:
    It is still not even close to the earliest FOLIO meeting.
17:41:55 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    getting rid of MarcCat might feel liberating!
17:44:34 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    I always have the best of intentions to listen to meetings I miss, and then 3 or 4 weeks later..... they get buried down so low on my to-do list they never get done
17:44:38 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    + 1 Felix and Laura
17:45:06 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    Speaking of rolling walls...
17:45:06 Von  Ryan Tamares (he/him)  an  Alle:
17:46:29 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I often put an X next to people who attend, but my internet is wonky today, so I can't.
17:47:10 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I always forget
17:47:19 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    Me too
17:47:22 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I'd be for not taking attendance
17:48:01 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    We already have that, right?
17:48:20 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    we do have a SME list on another page, it is not up to date either
17:48:53 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    it's difficult to ask people to remove themselves because they've left the project!
17:50:27 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I can do that for Duke, Charlotte.
17:52:14 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    The only thing I like about attendance is having a quick understanding if 4 people were there or 40. Maybe we could put a rough count in the weekly notes?
17:53:58 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    We can do this.
17:53:58 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Is batch processing data import? Or is that a proposed new category of setting?
17:55:05 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    I gave up :/
17:55:31 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    I made a bunch of new categories including one that was called something like "stuff that belongs in multiple places"
17:55:58 Von  Jackie Magagnosc  an  Alle:
17:56:09 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I agree Laura. Maybe we need cross references in settings.
17:56:14 Von  Jackie Magagnosc  an  Alle:
    Oops! I'm tempted to add an "I don't know what this is" box.
17:56:28 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    +1 Christie
17:56:32 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I know where field protections is, but I always go to the wrong area first.
17:56:35 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    I’ll try one more time :-D
17:56:42 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    @Jackie I think I had one of those as well
17:59:00 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    Charlotte - do you want to make a plug for Bugfest participation? or I'm happy to.
18:02:03 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    Yes, only 40%. We will have less EPAM QA tester available. So all community tester are very valuable resources
18:03:11 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    This time we have a large group of implementing GBV libraries participate in Bugfest -- I'll put out a call tomorrow to claim more cases.
18:04:03 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
18:06:09 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    It's always good to get non-US English, non-US time zones participation in Bugfest. Will be great to have the additional Germans, Felix!
18:09:51 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Could you share the link Felix?
18:10:06 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    To chat
18:10:11 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
18:10:16 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
18:10:30 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    Would it make sense to have a MM Face to Face meeting
18:10:41 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    To get familiar with all our new members
18:11:12 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    Without knowing if it is hybrid it’s hard to know if we can participate
18:11:33 Von  Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C)  an  Alle:
    +1 Laura
18:12:11 Von  Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C)  an  Alle:
    Interim Solutions
18:12:52 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    One of the most valuable sessions ever was the inventory searching session from a couple meetings ago, With the new search/filters and growing emphasis on UI/UX, that would be fun too. Sharing lessons learned, tips and tricks, grumpy things, and happy things - valuable and bonding.
18:13:50 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    +1 for MM face to face meeting!
18:15:17 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    I'm actually answering a question right now from a staff member about what to do with a title in hand that has no MARC copy available!
18:16:11 Von  Nancy Lorimer  an  Alle:
    Refining workflows?
18:17:15 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
    This upcoming WOLFcon will also be the first where several libraries have real life experience with FOLIO
18:17:27 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    +1 Charlotte
18:17:51 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    +1 Charlotte. Makes it even more exciting.
18:19:50 Von  Index Data  an  Alle:
18:22:43 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    And how are we going to resource the inventory work?
18:25:45 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I did not mean to imply that I thought anyone was sitting on their hands and not doing anything!
18:28:24 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    Possible agenda topic: Maybe toward the end of Bugfest, late March/early April - the POs could do quick updates on new functionality for Lotus?
18:28:47 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    Saved! Will add it to a future agenda
18:31:47 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    That's right Felix. The value isn't a code
18:34:35 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    We decided not to migrate this data to FOLIO
18:35:22 Von  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  an  Alle:
    We put info in it like "2 CDs"
18:36:26 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    It's like publication dates in MARC Bibs and Instances. Developers: It's a 4 digit date - easy! Catalogers: Groan....
18:36:49 Von  Jessica Janecki  an  Alle:
    @Ann-Marie, exactly!
18:37:11 Von  Raegan Wiechert  an  Alle:
    We use check-in/check-out notes for that data instead of number of pieces.
18:37:35 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    So, something like "2cds in pocket" will work soon, right?
18:37:46 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    Are folks using it for checking if all pieces are returned during check-in? Or maybe most doing check-in notes instead?
18:37:59 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Isn't there a description of pieces property where the string data goes?
18:38:25 Von  Jenn Colt  an  Alle:
    I think we need to actually check our data before we say
18:38:26 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    In our current system, Ann-Marie, those notes are the same, i.e.: one element.
18:38:58 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    So, if the circ folks may need to check a pocket in a book for all maps, CDs, etc.
18:39:05 Von  Ann-Marie Breaux  an  Alle:
    I like being able to separate numbers from qualifiers/context, like Acq has done with the ISBN/Qualifier/Number type in the POL. It helps so much with sorting and counting
18:39:22 Von  Amanda Scott  an  Alle:
    I have used the description of pieces field to further describe the no. of pieces, but we don't currently have strict policies about how to use the fields in question, and others in my institution may use them differently.
18:41:16 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    It doesn't make sense to me to put resources into changing the results display right now, when there is a completely different longer-term plan.
18:41:40 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    +10000 Laura!!
18:41:51 Von  Lynne Fors  an  Alle:
    We have plans to use the number of pieces as a numeral and the description of pieces to explain what it is for our music collection, i.e. "5" in the # of pieces and "1 score + 4 parts" in the description.  We are currently in the implementation process.
18:42:53 Von  Laura Daniels  an  Alle:
    Yes, let's focus on UXPROD-491
18:43:05 Von  Jessica Janecki  an  Alle:
    agreed Laura
18:43:32 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    +1 Laura
18:45:28 Von  Christie Thomas (she/her)  an  Alle:
    I think that we are okay with this.
18:46:38 Von  Natascha Owens (she/her)  an  Alle:
    In terms of what displays on the results list, I think this is not something we should be worried about right now
19:02:19 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    When updating Item records will it be relevant to have short data from the instance, and the holdings
19:02:45 Von  Natalie Sommerville  an  Alle:
    Thank you.
19:02:46 Von  Jennifer Eustis (she/her)  an  Alle:
    Thanks everyone