2023-05-30 Release Management Stakeholder group

Release Management Stakeholder group


Mark Veksler Debra Howell Lee Braginsky Mike Gorrell Kristin Martin Khalilah Gambrell Yogesh Kumar 


Meeting Time: 8:30 AM Eastern Time

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5 minPoppy release skippingall 

Desire to skip Poppy and merge with Quesnelia: Khalilah presents proposal.


  1. all functionality by the end of the year will be done.
  2. Gives teams time to address data import issues. Spitfire is working on loading large authority files. Folijet needs to address defects. With new releases, FOLIO users need to test and end up finding defects that get pushed out to next release. Want to get them fixed within the first release. Address P1 and P2 issues and backport into Nolana/Orchid, and release stable Data Import by the end of the year.
  3. Gives libraries a breather on what are frequent upgrades

Questions: are there any features that any library is waiting on with urgency? Not sure any exist.

People will want reassurance that all features for Poppy/Quesnelia are included in the later pushed release. Positive: we gain two additional sprints by revising the timeline. What we want to avoid: painful Bugfest experience. Yogesh is working to improve the quality of our releases. Kristin/Debra support an intensive focus on Data Import (P1/P2), but this will not fix everything.

General Release date: November 20, 2023

Yogesh: new steps in quality assurance. Early testing within the sprint. Split sprint into 70% development time, 30% testing/hardening time. Also running automated tests as soon as code is merged in. Both steps should help reduce late-breaking bugs

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