2021-05-24 Capacity Planning Meeting




Khalilah GambrellX
Mike GorrellX
Harry KaplanianX
Holly MistlebauerX
Jakub Skoczen
Mark VekslerX

Guests: Julie, Charlotte, Darcy

Discussion items





30 minutes maximum

Approvals for R1 2021 Hot Fixes

Julie: CIRC-1141 (Hot Fix #2)

Dennis is out of the office. Please review video and here is the list

Ann-Marie's: See Ready for CPT section in Folijet Hotfix Dashboard

Questions to answer:

  1. What is issue?
  2. How many people are impacted?
  3. What is effort to fix it?
  4. What will it take to test the fix?

Approved hot fixes for Julie and Dennis.

New FOLIO Release Strategy DiscussionOleksii Petrenko Slide deck

Discuss results of Kiwi pointing exercise

Summary:  We need to plan Kiwi ASAP!  Given that the Core module freeze date is May 28 and we have a month before BugFest starts, teams need to know how to use their available capacity.  Kiwi will be a mix of features that slipped from the Juniper release (but not necessarily all of them) and the highly pointed features (see pointing results).


  1. The top 11 pointed features include several that require architectural changes, cross multiple POs/dev teams and/or will be huge efforts.  See the red * below...
    1. We would like to propose that we set up a meeting for each of the features with a red * to discuss the architectural changes needed and come up with a plan for moving these highly-ranked features forward.  Meeting attendees should always include Jakub, Khalilah and Holly, but may include other members of the Capacity Planning Team and/or other POs/tech leads (depending on the topic).   NOTE: Khalilah will set up meeting about optimistic locking (and report back to this group on June 7).  She will also meet with Magda to come up with a plan (and report back to this group on June 14).  At Wednesday's PO meeting we will discuss UXPROD-1647.
    2. We won't be able to totally finish the top features for the Kiwi release, but we need to plan the work and carve out a "chunk" of work from each of them to get us started. 
    3. The decisions we make need to be reported on the Modifications/Deviations from Kiwi Pointing Results wiki page so the community understands what we will actually be able to deliver, and when. 
  2. Some of the highly pointed features do not have a permanent PO (e.g. custom item statuses) or the assigned PO hasn't even started looking at the feature yet (e.g. reminder fee for German library, title-level requests).  There will likely be features that are started by the PO during the Kiwi development cycle, but are not ready for actual development until Lotus.  Once again, the decisions we make need to be reported on the Modifications/Deviations from Kiwi Pointing Results wiki page.
  3. Holly recommends that the pointing we did for Kiwi be carried over into Lotus as well.  We will likely only make a dent in the highly pointed features for Kiwi, so it seems that we should also use the points to plan Lotus.  Thoughts?  (We originally stated that we would do pointing for every release.)
Skipped because Jakub not at meetingDiscuss what is going to happen next with optimistic locking

Per a request from the FOLIO Implementation Group, all optimistic locking features have been combined into the Umbrella JIRA UXPROD-3058, and points from related features have been added together:

Brief discussedReplacement of POs for Course Reserves and Overrides/Permission EscalationHolly Mistlebauer

Kelly was the PO for Course Reserves–she was also the group convener.

Darcy has passed Patron Notices and Print Slips to Julie, but Darcy also has Overrides and Permission Escalation assigned to her. 

I don't believe the pointing exercise results in Course Reserves, Overrides or Permission Escalation features getting a lot of points, but someone needs to answer questions, address bugs, etc.

No enough time to coverHolly's reduction to 50% on FOLIO effective July 1, 2021Holly MistlebauerCurrently OLE pays for 50% of my time and Cornell donates 30%, for a total of 80% on FOLIO.  My OLE contract is up on June 30, 2021, and it appears that it will not be renewed.  Cornell has agreed to donate 50% of my time to continue on FOLIO, but aren't in a position to donate the full 80%.  I will not be able to keep all of my current responsibilities at 50%, so I will need to give up some things.  I want to determine what the project needs me for most, with help from this group.   (Note:  Just found out that Cornell is going to let me work 80% on FOLIO until Juniper is released on August 2, 2021.)