2021-08-23 Capacity Planning Meeting




Guests: Oleksii Petrenko , Charlotte Whitt

Discussion items





10 minutes maximumStatus update

Juniper Release - Ready to release today in about 2 to 4 hours.  No regression testing needed.

Issue with Stripes UI-Data Import & UI Developer using a newer version of Stripes.

Mod-patron block performance improvements.  Was planned for Kiwi, but libraries want to include it in Juniper.  Not tested in the integration environment.  Push for a Juniper hotfix.

10 minutes

Elastic searchMagda

Outcome of discussions.  2 Sprints.  Charlotte will take this.

Next steps - Call Zak & Magda to come in on this.

Juniper Hotfix

When do we think a hotfix should occur?

Juniper delay by a week.

3 sprints to complete Juniper upgrades.  Late October.  

Kiwi releases November 2.  Oct 8 is module release deadline.

October 15 deadline -Oct 22 GA for Juniper hotfix.

As of now, no plans for a hotfix.