2021-10-11 Capacity Planning Meeting




Guests: Oleksii Petrenko

Discussion items

Time reservedDescriptionPresenterDetails/Comments
15 minutesStatus update

15 minutes (carried over from last week's agenda)Update from Product Council
  1. Elimination of institution ranking?
    1. How long should we allow sites that have already ranked features to keep their ranks in JIRA?
  2. Redo pointing exercise?
    1. How often?  Every May?
    2. When should next time be?  May 2022.
  • We need to tell institutions that we are no longer using ranking.  In January we will export the rankings and then save the spreadsheet for future use by institutions.
  • Harry will ask PC about pointing exercise at this week's meeting.

15 minutes (carried over from last week's agenda)

Future of Prokopovych Team and Holly's Role
  1. What does the team look like on January 1?  July 1?
  2. My PO responsibilities are covered by the Vega and UNAM teams.  Does it still make sense for me to be Lead PO of Prokopovych? Also, I will be working part-time effective February 1st so I need to start reducing my workload on FOLIO.  Is it more important for me to be a PO (for fees/fines, and help in other areas) or be the lead PO on Prokopovych?   It has become clear that I will not be able to do both effectively at 20 hours per week.
  • See this document for more info.  Holly will stay on as Lead PO until she switches to part-time on February 1, 2022. 
15 minutesCheckout Performance ImprovementsHolly Mistlebauer


  1. We now have two separate proposals.  The one that we asked Marc to do and one that Julian did without Marc's input. 
  2. The Tech Leads meetings are suspended until further notice and the Tech Council have decided not to make any decisions until they decide how to make decisions, meaning that technical governance opportunities are currently heavily constrained.
  3. Who decides what approach will be taken first?  (I have already created the user stories for the caching approach.)
  • We need to put together a small group to focus on this issue and decide what to do going forward. In the meantime, Vega can to a POC of caching approach, under Marc's guidance.  Holly will set up a meeting for Marc, Holly, Steph, Alex K., Vince and Khalilah.