FOLIO Product Council Sub Group Supporting Enhancements and Improvements


This PC sub group is at looking how to support the work of enhancements and improvements regarding FOLIO. The question being asked is: how can the Product Council work to support these types of issues and make sure FOLIO works for all libraries? Some examples include the following. How can the PC work with SIGs, implemented libraries, and development teams to encourage timely updates, information sharing, and ensuring that desired updates are being implemented for the Data Import App? How can we better support the intersection of FOLIO with discovery layers where some implementers might have noted limitations with those tools and/or how FOLIO and discovery work together? These questions and topics fall into an interstitial space between projects and it can be confusing as to what can or needs to be done/

Tentative Membership

Brooks Travis

Martina Tumulla

Paul Moeller

Jennifer Eustis

Kristin Martin

Gang Zhou

Related Pages or References

There was the idea pitched of creating a survey to see what discovery tools are being used and identify gaps.