2021-04-26 Capacity Planning Meeting

Attendees:   Holly, Harry, Mark, Kelly, Anton, Jakub


TimeLeadDiscussion Topic and Notes

Iris Hotfix - Should we have one? 
It would make implementers feel better


Not much time

Testing is not as rigorous

Iris Hotfix - What would be in it?  ie what is missing from current Iris release that is either a bug, or that was promised but missing and easy to add?

Priority to data import, others if extremely necessary, every 4 weeks

Hotfix 1 - May 28.  Fixes need to be submitted by May 25th.

Hotfix 2 - June 28th.

Team members to determine if this works for Ann-Marie and all POs

POs to put the release label on items to include

Capacity planning meeting will review, perhaps invite to Capacity planning will add "Hotfix 1" or "Hotfix 2"

Juniper Features - what was promised but won't make it

  • were resources diverted that will delay other issues
  • What bug fixing will also 'divert' feature development

Next meeting - 9:00 Wednesday