2022-03-28 Release Planning Team


Monday, March 28 2022


Stephanie Buck 
Charlotte Whitt
Anton Emelianov (Deactivated) 
Jakub Skoczen 
Khalilah Gambrell
Oleksii Petrenko  


  • Several modules haven't been tested in bug fest yet
  • Bug fest was supposed to close on Friday last week
  • Lotus bug fest: Functionality that cannot/ has not been tested
    • Import holdings
    • MARC holdings -- which impacts Exporting MARC holdings
    • Optimistic Locking
    • Linking eholdings to Agreements lines (EBSCO KB)
    • EDIFACT Export and Voucher export
    • Call number browse
    • Inventory search (re-index not complete)
    • Requests blocked by BF-237  
  • There may be another issue with item in transit status UIIN-1985
  • April 8 bug fix release deadline
  • Hkaplanian will schedule a meeting for Monday to check in on status of bug fest environment, incomplete test cases and functionality listed above
  • EPAM testers will continue testing untested test cases