FOLIO Product Council Sub Group Structuring SIG Reports


This PC sub group is at bringing more structure to SIG reports to the Product Council, on focusing on how these reports are progressing in line with the overall direction of FOLIO and FOLIO's roadmap, and on surfacing any issues, questions, or roadblocks. This topic was discussed at WOLFCon 2022 but no action was taken after those discussions. This sub group should also look at any outstanding topics from those WOLFCon 2022 discussion or any issues that have been raised by the SIGs since then. One question to note is the Product Council can or should adjust SIG updates and/or incorporate action items from SIGs for the PC?

FOLIO SIGs List with PC liaisons


Brooks Travis

Kristin Martin - chair

Jennifer Eustis

Martina Tumulla

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