2021-08-09 Capacity Planning Meeting




Guests: Oleksii Petrenko

Discussion items





10 minutes maximumHot Fix 4Discussion & next steps

Release for Hotfix 4

Questions to answer:

  1. What is issue?
  2. How many people are impacted?
  3. What is effort to fix it?
  4. What will it take to test the fix?

Being targeted for August 16th for code submission

Released Aug 23rd. 

Might not make sense to release the upgrade.

Check Mod-Invoice-281's importance to Cornell vs Juniper release.  A workaround, but not very reasonable.

*Recommendation, release hot fix with everything else and move ModInvoice-281 to Juniper.  Todo, check with Cornell.

10 minutes maximumStatus update

Monday, Aug 9: Deploy modules awaiting deployment
Tue-THu, Aug 10,11,12: Smoke test everything except Invoice, Orders, Finance
Fri: Deploy mod-invoice
Monday, Aug 16: Smoke test Invoice, Orders, Finance

Bring up the need for smoke testers in CC & SIGs - Only 177 test cases to "kick the tires"

Anton will send out reminders on Slack General and others.

Meet on Friday (schedule call).

Juniper will release Aug 17 instead of the 16th.

10 minutes

Elastic searchMagda

Status and next steps

Stories need to be written

Estimates need to be created

All new test cases need to be created

Magda and Charlotte will meet with developers to follow up in next cap planning meeting

Harry to setup next series of Cap planning meetings