2021-10-18 Capacity Planning Meeting




Guests: Oleksii Petrenko

Discussion items

Time reservedDescriptionPresenterDetails/Comments
15 minutesStatus update

Did we decide on hotfix 3?

  • Coming out on Friday.
15 minutes (carried over from last week's agenda)Update from Product Council
  1. Elimination of institution ranking?
    1. How long should we allow sites that have already ranked features to keep their ranks in JIRA?
  2. Redo pointing exercise?
    1. How often?  Every May?
    2. When should next time be?  May 2022.
  • We need to tell institutions that we are no longer using ranking.  In January we will export the rankings and then save the spreadsheet for future use by institutions.  (Also, PC is looking into a tool that could be used for rankng.)
  • Harry will ask PC about pointing exercise at this week's meeting.

15 minsWorking group charter

The PC is asking for a charter.  We should write one.

Possibly rename to release planning

Exist mainly as a service to POs

  • Define and plan releases and deadline including decisions to delay
  • Support PO's in helping decide what makes it into a hotfix
  • Support PO's having capacity issues and helping suggest improvements
  • Help drive community feature ranking - Pointing
  • Identify problem areas that must be addressed.
  • Help place new developers


Harry will draft a charter for next week.