2021-10-04 Capacity Planning Meeting




Guests: Oleksii Petrenko

Discussion items

Time reservedDescriptionPresenterDetails/Comments
15 minutesStatus update

10 minutesOptimistic Locking Status for Kiwi releaseKhalilah Gambrell
  • Spitfire/Folijet has been working on MODQM-166 - Spike: investigate effort to support optimistic locking IN PROGRESS
  • Firebird: MODRS-93 - Issues related to optimistic locking while PUT executed for inventory/items/ endpoint OPEN
  • Note: quickMARC and remote storage modules are both spring modules 
15 minutesUpdate from Product CouncilHkaplanian
  1. Elimination of institution ranking?
    1. How long should we allow sites that have already ranked features to keep their ranks in JIRA?
  2. Redo pointing exercise?
    1. How often?
    2. When should next time be?

15 minutesFuture of Prokopovych Team
  1. What does the team look like on January 1?  We will only have 1.5 FE devs and 1.0 BE devs (in effect).  (FE EPAM dev should be done with JEST tests.)
  2. There are other modules that should be moved from Prokopovych team.
  3. My PO responsibilities are covered by the Vega and UNAM teams.  Does it still make sense for me to be Lead PO of Prokopovych?  (Charlotte and I have discussed my helping with Inventory features.)