2021-08-16 Capacity Planning Meeting




Julie Staufferjrs

Guests: Oleksii Petrenko

Discussion items





10 minutes maximumHot Fix 4Discussion & next steps

Release for Hotfix 4

Being targeted for August 16th for code submission

Released Aug 23rd. 

Might not make sense to release the upgrade.

Check Mod-Invoice-281's importance to Cornell vs Juniper release.  A workaround, but not very reasonable.

*Recommendation, release hot fix with everything else and move ModInvoice-281 to Juniper.  Todo, check with Cornell.

10 minutes maximumStatus update

Juniper Release

By end of day Tuesday post smoke testing release should be ok.

Cap Planning meeting can meet on Wednesday for final go/no-go call

CIRC-1205 - Overdue notices not sent if loan renewal.  3 story points to fix.  If they can fix, smoke test before Wednesday morning cap planning meeting.  Stephanie will check with Vega team.  Focus on the Juniper release.

Todo: Stephanie checking with team and will get back to the group.

10 minutes

Elastic searchMagda

More time needed for estimations.  Charlottte out to the 24th.

Holly setting up the meeting to be discussed next Monday.