2023-05-09 EMWG Meeting


  1. Development update (Gloria)
    1. Citation Team : dev team working on linked data development for LC implementation: Citation Team
    2. In sprint 1 (biweekly)
    3. Backlog is in Jira
    4. Epics: BF Transformation, BF Editing, BF Sharing, BF Reporting
    5. All LC functionality needs to be done by "R" release (Ransoms)
    6. User study (by EBSCO) currently happening around MARVA
    7. Nov 2023: Integrating MARVA, Updating MARVA, BF Transformation and Data Import
    8. Mar 2024 (Ransoms): Batch editing and automated workflows, user permissions, serials cataloging, administration (rule builder, automate services, BF staff search, capture history of who edited what when & how, user activity dashboard, department activity reports)
    9. July 2024: profile editor and marketplace
    10. Data graph architecture is big undertaking - is that reusing existing tech? Reusing what has been built by Zepheira though will be doing a full review of that code. PostgreSQL solution. 
    11. "Linked Data Handshake" JSONLD-JSON; data graph architecture to inventory. 
  2. Planning update and review of the backlog in Jira (Doug)
    1. focusing on functionality that is a gap between how MARVA operations and what has been discussed in this group and with LC; focusing on things above and beyond what MARVA supports
    2. https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=296&view=planning&selectedIssue=UXPROD-4279&issueLimit=100 ; these UXPROD tickets will be added to the use case spreadsheet
  3. Use Case review : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Jpzb3nI7jDLL0Bzh5t1JH5RRzgln98P/edit#gid=1290133540 (Jacquie)
    1. Greyed out use cases need elevation to higher-level FOLIO issues
    2. 40 entity management use cases, categorized by role, workflow and where considered work happening
    3. Remaining:
      1. Jacquie and Doug will put in JIRAs
      2. Ranking - EMWG or MM-SIG?
      3. Gap analysis of dev planning and use cases
    1. Andreas will present Libris workflows, etc., at next EMWG meeting
    2. Jason will write MM-SIG conveners to discuss bringing work back to MM-SIG