2023-01-03 EMWG Meeting

Attendees: Lisa McColl, Jason Kovari, Christie Thomas, Charlotte Whitt, Wayne Schneider, Steven Folsom, Jenn Colt

Regrets: Jacquie Samples


  1. Updates to agenda?
    1. Next meeting - update on LC and FOLIO work.
      1. ACTION ITEM: Jason to ask Gloria to give presentation from December meeting in DC. Also, Gloria shared a spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rzw9yQPozWhOVpbYHr8V0nDhQjtZBdP4/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=106125999397530268938&rtpof=true&sd=true
  2. Subgroup Updates
    1. Use Cases: Use cases - Subgroup 2022 - Discussion Items and Meeting Notes
      1. Use cases - review - Use Cases - EMWG 2020, 2022
        1. Primary work is updating the above linked page; new columns added. Thus far mainly focused on first use case.
        2. Need to write each out in much more detail. Discussed use of persona to make the use cases more specific
        3. Understanding from EBSCO that work being done for LC is to be aligned with what the community is asking for
        4. Possible: situate use cases within workflows and/or institutional sensibilities. Make clear when/how use cases can align with different institutional; different pieces of functionality may be needed based on how one accomplishes some type of work
        5. Timing: to get work more momentum, may need to meet more frequently. Much more work needed
        6. 2020 use cases were the starting point - but this is a bit of a blocker to getting deep into it and/or raising new work that we might've not imagined in 2020. Perhaps we need to write this in a different way
          1. ACTION ITEM: Jacquie to think about how to expand view beyond 2020 cases
        7. How specific do we need to be at this point with the use cases? 
          1. If not specific, dev could happen without us being aware and then that development conceptually aligns with the use cases but doesn't meet needs
          2. Development Scheduling and Methodologies: this is very waterfall - working things out in great detail before code is committed. Is there an opportunity for close collaboration with Gloria's team to move this into more storyboard conversations. If spend months writing detailed use cases, there will already be code written. No coding has been done yet.
            1. ACTION ITEM: Jason ask Gloria about the above alignment and also whether LC has use cases 
              1. LC and EBSCO working on use cases now; Gloria can share some at the next use case subgroup meeting
    2. Environmental scan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vlF-Z5iGEjHJd2d71tSe1Lphcmmh0PuYe_n225uiF20/edit?usp=sharing
      1. Living document - will be updated as we learn about new
      2. When use cases are more advanced/specific, we can do more research to identify additional applications
    3. Other topics: 
      1. Inventory data model will be changed to facilitate linking between MARC records and Authority records in Authorities App
        1. MODQM-276 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        2. Linking MARC bib fields to MARC authority headings/references
        3. Slide deck from November 2022 -
        4. What does this mean wrt entity management work? Abstraction for authorities that is a simplified data model and source for that abstraction may be a MARC authority; abstraction is stored elsewhere and linked to inventory (id and label stored in inventory)
        5. Need to have more detail on technical solution (not the UI)
          1. Technical approach for update MARC Bib fields controlled by related Authority records
        6. ACTION ITEM: Jason to reach out to Khalilah and ask about a conversation with this group that focuses on tech solution
  3. Next steps:
    1. Jason to fix meeting invites and add ICS file to wiki
    2. Environmental scan put on hold
    3. Jason reach out to Gloria and Khalilah
      1. Gloria and Khalilah will both present at 1/31 meeting
    4. Jason speak to Jacquie about use cases : both how to expand view and also how to engage more people