2020-01-08 EMWG Meeting

Attendees: Jason Kovari, Steven Folsom, Tiziana Possemato, Jacquie Samples, Christie Thomas, Wayne Sneider, Charlotte Whitt

Regrets: Lisa McColl


  1. Scope of work
    1. questions:
      1. how do we mean by not being limited to linked data technologies? not being limited / deciding in advance the way that we are storing and exchanging data
      2. what about real world objects and their place within FOLIO?
        1. may not be as important depending on how we manage those data internally
        2. we do not have RWO in FOLIO - we have descriptions of those and links to them
        3. will touch on this as we discuss use cases
      3. What about the anticipated outputs & short-to-medium term projects? This is about use cases and efforts to address those. More specific than a use case but 'what are the projects that can get us to where we are going?'. Example is the Chicago effort to define and build a label service
      4. Output is not just a list of projects – output should be a list of actionable Jira issues? Use cases, define requirements and then Jira. If we can word some smaller task, then we can illustrate what we are working on to then advance.
      5. As FOLIO development shifts from core modules to customized/advanced efforts, what does that look like for planning and organizing development resources? Does dev need to happen within core dev community? This WG is looking at these advanced issues, not the basic/core dev work. Visionary group. Need to understand the marketing around this – and contribute to that. How do we do dev in this world? TAMU is doing a lot of dev for their own purposes.
      6. Ensure that we engage with Filip early to have UX engagement as we define use cases and projects; Filip and his team have been working on the BFE with LC
      7. Use cases should not merely define projects but also development of the tool. These can be the Spikes
  2. Frequency of meeting
    1. Every other week. Wednesdays 11am Eastern US
    2. Charlotte: Next week and then every other week. 
  3. Communication channels
    1. Slack channel to be created (open)
    2. Can always email the group
  4. Plans for WOLF-CON in-person, open meeting
    1. start brainstorming use cases
    2. announce that FOLIO has started to dig into this and illustrate what is happening at other conferences (Christie in AU, Charlotte and Jason at EuroBF, others)
    3. starting to gather related work (e.g.: PCC's URIs in MARC pilot); figure out what current or prior art there is in this space
    4. working group update (charge, first meeting, outputs) - gather community feedback on that
    5. gauging interest across the various implementations to understand the market