2020-05-06 EMWG Meeting



  • Action Items from 4/22 meeting
    • Tiziana will present documentation on the SHARE-VDE use cases during next meeting
    • Jason: add to outputs: list of detailed reporting functions for future MM-SIG/Reporting SIG engagement
  • Next step for work areas
    • From Wayne: 

      I think the left-most column should be organized into UXPROD "Epics" (see https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/COMMUNITY/Getting+Started+for+Product+Owners#GettingStartedforProductOwners-ManagingBackloginJIRA). There are a number of ways to slice this, but broadly I think there are 2 "Epics":

      1. Entity management in FOLIO: Import, creation, maintenance, and publication of entities to be used in resource description. Entities include Works, Agents, and Subjects, the traditional domain of authority control, but the scope could also be broadened to include elements of other vocabularies and ontologies, such as carriers or media types (could use examples from music cataloging or archival management).
      2. Integration of entities into resource description and discovery. This could include the creation of resource descriptions using something like a linked data editor integrated with both the FOLIO entity store and with external data sources, the mapping and linking of resource descriptions into FOLIO inventory records, and the export and publication of resource descriptions as linked data.

      The second column then could break down into UXPROD "Features" under the Epics. There is duplication there, of course, but this feels like a good starting point.I would be interested in Charlotte's perspective as a PO whether these Epic definitions are too broad, and if so, how best to keep track of linked Epics within a related area of work.
    • Charlotte: Epics are huge (e.g: Inventory has one). Should be fine having those two and then we write up those features as he said
      • to cover all, should include UXPROD features for covering authority data in the MARCcat thin-thread features
    • Christie: way that we have reference data set-up is manual in Inventory settings. There is overlap between managing entities locally and what is being called reference data in FOLIO (tables with vocabs, e.g.: RDA content terms)... and the current process for management is not sustainable
      • don't think that external dataset integration is separate from entity management. this think should be a single EPIC
      • Jacquie: can do this without these being integral to each other but this should not be the case
      • Jason: think a single epic works
      • Steven: is there a sequence / does one feature need to happen without the other? Sequencing may need to be something that needs to be worked out (Charlotte: can build that into Jira)
    • Entity Management as an EPIC
    • UX-PROX-1009 is authority control in MARCCat
      • Tiziana: what kinds of service are expected in MARCcat? Is the scope of this still to create authority records and edit records from external sources within MARCcat? Or is there a new idea of authority services?
        • Can we hold off on this question and have the discussion after we have a first-pass on the Entity Management Epic features identified/listed? Yes. hold for future meeting
        • Make sure that these areas of overlap show up in the spreadsheet
  • SHARE-VDE Use Cases
    • automated versus manual approaches
    • think in term of authority services and internal SHARE-VDE editor
    • authority management WG, J-Cricket (editor) WG, User Interface Design WG\
    • use cases have processes and subprocesses
    • each use case/process/functions&sub-functions were prioritized by the libraries. 
    • have categorization of processes (e.g.: matching, similar matching, non-matching, added access point, etc....)
    • authority services document how new services should be shaped (from service perspective rather than functional analysis/use cases perspective)
      • three types of services: record validation, access point management, other services
    • diagrams for workflows around the various services
    • authority services WG and J.Cricket WG are defining strands to pursue objectives of designing authority services (e.g.: requirements for APIs, relation of SVDE with external sources, analysis of Wikidata APIs)
    • working to package the services for the partner libraries... along with reasoning for SVDE doing this work, etc.
    • dream is to convince community to release J. Cricket as open source

Action Items:

Future Meeting topics:

  • what is the approach in FOLIO wrt: data modeling?
  • what kinds of authority control services are expected in MARCcat?
  • What is the relationship between SHARE-VDE & the J. Cricket editor with the work we're planning for FOLIO?