2023-03-14 EMWG Meeting


  1. Authority Control - development updates (Khalilah Gambrell)
    1. Spitfire team is 100% MARC Authority Control development - tried to develop in way that can be extended beyond MARC
    2. Available functionality in slides
    3. In Nolana - authority source facet: based on 010 $a or 001 prefix values; future release - libraries will be able to manage list of sources. Streamline cataloger's workflows and support authority linking implementation
    4. In-progress & future work:
      1. First phase (a) - linking match point: bib field $0 (Orchid) - needs $0 for linking
      2. First phase (b) - manual linking (Orchid) - populates a $0 
      3. Second phase - (a) via UI (not started; Poppy)
      4. Third phase via data import (not started > Q release)
      5. Fourth phase > discovery service support (not started - rocket release)
    5. Can be tested in: https://bugfest-orchid.int.aws.folio.org/
    6. Demo (see recording)
    7. When controlled, field broken into subfield and some subfields are no longer editable
    8. Inventory app has Authority UUID search - that returns instance records linked to the Authority
    9. In MARC data, $9 populates with Authority UUID – only present when view source or export record; not available in QuickMARC
    10. Export manager has report for changed headings, bibs associated with that, authority source file, last update timestamp
    11. For authorities not loaded into FOLIO, will rely on cataloger to add link
    12. Deleting authority records – inventory record will keep information already authorized in the MARC but will now allow user to edit bib field (i.e.: be uncontrolled)
    13. $1 - nothing related to this at-present; only $0
    14. Automated linking of authority records slides:
    15. Khalilah will add link to other slide deck in the EMWG Slack Channel
    16. Reporting - only report done - authority heading update. Failed bib updates likely in Poppy. Open to hearing other reports needed as well as validation that the priority of reporting currently is correct.