2020-07-29 EMWG Meeting



  • Last time on agenda: finish draft of Vision document for release to MM-SIG. Outstanding items:
    • Should we merge "Functional Requirements" section with "Interactions across FOLIO Applications"? 
    •  Works; see thread below:
      • Jacquie Samples
        5:06 PM Jun 25

        I meant that if we had to have Works/Superwork records in Inventory, that they could behave like the Container records. I am not sure we "have to" have these records.

        Christie Thomas
        11:11 PM Jun 28

        I think we should discuss this further - I fear that if works live in inventory and not the entity app and referenced by inventory that inventory as abstraction becomes more difficult - how do you model an instance with MARC bib that references no work vs a bibliographic description set that includes a work and an instance. - On the other hand maybe inventory record types need to be recast as entities.
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        Jacquie Samples
        12:21 PM Jun 30

        I agree Christie. We need to discuss what would the expected behavior be if, for example: Work-entities are stored in the Entities App, and used as reference data in Inventory. This seems easy to understand where work-clusters are possible, but what happens for the new, or one-off, publications. What would we expect in terms of reference data?
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        Christie Thomas
        1:08 PM Jun 30

        I think that there are a couple of solutions - no work is required so the data is a local string - with no reference data - much like an inventory instance without an SRS bib. The other possibility is to create a work. I guess this would depend on where you fall on the everything needs a work spectrum.

  • Identifying short- and medium-term projects to work toward our goals and/or demonstrate proofs-of-concept
  • Outlining reporting requirements

Reference documents:

Action Items:

Future Meeting topics:

  • what is the approach in FOLIO wrt: data modeling?
  • what kinds of authority control services are expected in MARCcat?
  • What is the relationship between SHARE-VDE & the J. Cricket editor with the work we're planning for FOLIO?