Use cases - Subgroup 2022 - Discussion Items and Meeting Notes

NOTE: We will record meetings, they will be done with Zoom and stored on Google Drive and linked to each agenda/notes below.  There is a Google Drive folder for EMWG Use Cases 2022 where documents and meeting recordings are stored.


16 May 2023

from 2-4 EST (2 hour meeting)

  1. Review any notes or comments on ranking
  2. Wrap up preliminary ranking
  3. Prepare for EMWG meeting on 23 May

9 May 2023

from 2-4 EST (2 hour meeting)

  1. Review any new comments made to EMWG use Cases spreadsheet
  2. Update fields based on Use Cases Framework

Note taker: Steven

The Use Case development process is helpful for the LC/Ebsco development; new Jira issues have been created for the LOC development process and many of the use cases we've defined are covered by them. Use cases that have been defined but are not in scope for LOC development work are still useful and can be worked on if/when other funding is identified.

The spreadsheet has links to the LOC-related Jira Issues. 

Still identifying a tech lead at Ebsco.

Before LOC's planned migration in October 2024, they need to have LOC requirements in releases, so that they can be tested and training developed before going live.

The entity management group had use cases from a couple years ago that may be redundant or related to the new issues that are being added for LOC/MARVA development. Our original entity management use cases didn’t know of/take into account MARVA when we were defining them years ago. MARVA will need to continue to be able to exist separately from FOLIO if desired. We should look at the older issues in the original epic, to make sure the new issues can account for any additional context/needs. Also, there may be older entity management issues that we know longer need because the circumstances have changed.

It was suggested that we are the group to rank the issues; we spend the remaining time starting this process.


  • Charlotte will add links to the spreadsheet for the original EM use cases
  • Jacquie will renumber the issues in the spreadsheet.
  • Everyone try to provide thoughts on rankings for the remaining issues.
  • Next meeting will be on the 16th, hopefully to wrap and prep for the meeting on the 23rd.

25 April 2023

from 2-4 EST (2 hour meeting)

  1. Review any comments made to EMWG use Cases spreadsheet
  2. Update fields based on Use Cases Framework
  3. What do we need to finish so we can wrap-up this group?

Note taker: Charlotte and Steven

Going over the spreadsheet updating FOLIO Role(s), Library/Types, and Comments/Discussion columns.

Homework: Add categories for the remaining Use Cases

Next meeting: May 9th (reserve 2 hours just in case)

18 April 2023

from 2-4 EST (2 hour meeting)

  1. Review use cases #37-39 to update the spreadsheet elements.
  2. Review any comments made from EMWG group
  3. Update framework elements when those are lacking in spreadsheet (this activity might be iterated as we understand more from other library-types)
  4. Do we need to continue meeting for 2-hour sessions?

Regrets: Steven Folsom,  Jason Kovari

Note taker: Christie

Use cases 37 and 38 need more input from the community. What is the best community for this beyond the larger Entity Management Working group? 

Use case 40: Gloria would like more examples for the types of queries for display and export for discovery and other consumption. Example of a knowledge card that was generated from a local resource from the DC Public Library and Wikidata:

Next meetings will be focused on completing the use case categories. Meeting will be 1 hour through the end of the month. Prioritization will happen in the larger Entity Management Working group. 

11 April 2023

from 2-4 EST (2 hour meeting)

  1. MARVA demo site
  2. Review use cases #26-36 to update the spreadsheet elements.

Jacquie Samples introduced the meeting by doing a demo of the MARVA demo site. Apparently optimized for the Google Chrome browser. 

Talk about redundant identifiers. Possible to configure the display. Matt Miller is working on an update of MARVA. This will be available on GitHub:

There will be different version of MARVA: LC will set up sub-domains, and will provide support for FOLIO institutions. Libraries will be able to reuse data and share data with other connected libraries.

Review of use case #26-36  - see also the spreadsheet. 

Lloyd pointed out the necessity of Entity Management app interacting with the Consortia app (mod-consortia)

  • Discussed the data flow for institutions subscribing to a service from an external vendor providing management of authority data. The vendor would not need to know the number of libraries in the given consortia.

Review of usecase #27, is related with feature UXPROD-2863 Productivity Statistics (Administrative metadata for Inventory). 

Usecase #28, here Christie Thomas pointed out that she envision a similar solution as for Settings > Data Import > Job profile, linking to the summary statistic (coming functionality)

New use case #29 on roll back functionality was added. This functionality is not specific for Entity Management. It is relevant all through out FOLIO apps. 

Christie Thomas has added following new usecases #30-39 - see notes in spreadsheet. 

#31 here Christie Thomas mentioned administrative meta data in the Instance, as data which were not to be overwritten when a bib record was re-imported using Data Import. 

#32 regarding linking/re-linking Gloria Gonzalez acknowledged that it would be great to get more detailed requirements for the expectations. This usecase relates to #39.

#33 create equivalency, or near equivalency across thesauri. This usecase is partly related to #39 on referencing a heading from multiple entity sources; e.g. MESH, VIAF, OrchidID, WikiDataID. 

#34 is about pre-coordinated headings. This tie into some new work done by OCLC on subheadings. 

#36 is about triggering a change. This is related to usecase #1 and #30.

4 April 2023 from 2-4 pm EST

(2 hour meeting)

  1. Review use cases #18-25? to update the spreadsheet elements
  2. Schedule Marva demo with LC update
  3. Any other topics?

NOTE: Charlotte Whitt will be on vacation. 

Are there video demonstrations of Marva that the group could view on their own time and then bring questions back to the group? Follow-up session could include Q and A and discussion of implications for FOLIO development.  We will wait to see if asking for a demo is really necessary.  UPDATE, after the meeting, I (Jacquie) looked for online demos of MARVA, but could only find some from 2019, but the interface has been substantially improved since then.

Reviewed of uses cases 19 through 25.

Use cases highlighted in gray are bigger in scope than entity management and need to be addressed with the larger FOLIO community. 

Before the next meeting the participants will review use cases so far and add gap use cases.

28 March 2023
  1. Welcome Doug Loynes
  2. Outcomes from today's EMWG meeting?
  3. More use-case discussion. Review cases #12-17 and update the spreadsheet elements
  4. Any other topics?

NOTE: Jacquie had something come up at the last minute and cannot make today's meeting, My sincere apologies!!

Charlotte Whitt or Steven Folsom : Please update the group on the EMWG meeting from this morning.  We should start meeting in 2-hour blocks to accelerate the work (OK to drop in late or leave early.

(action items, things to discuss next time, decision log to track any changes made during the discussion)


  • The group will meet for 2 hours for a few weeks. Starting at the same time but going for an extra hour.

Action Items:

  • Extend zoom call (Charlotte)
  • Check with Magda on the current Bulk Edit to see if there's preview functionality – Use Case 16 (Christie)
    • What overlap will there be between current bulk edit work and linked data? What can we borrow to give a consistent bulk edit experience?

21 March 2023

  1. Review use cases #8a-8d to update the spreadsheet elements
  2. Discuss use cases #9- as time allows
  3. Any other topics?

Homework for next time: to look at Dashboard for how entity management might benefit from organizing reporting. Documentation at

Jacquie will look for JIRA for workflow engine.

Gloria will bring the idea of permissions back to LOC to see how it relates to the larger question of user-based customized UI.

Gloria is working LOC to clarify use cases for deletion, deprecation, suppression in the context of entity management.

Agenda item for next meeting - introducing Doug Loynes, the new Product Owner for Missing Link, the development team for LC linked data features:

14 March 2023


7 March 2023
  1. Review use cases #7-#9 and update the spreadsheet elements
  2. Any other topics?

We looked at Cases 7-8d., creating the 3 new Use Cases labeled 8b-8d.   We briefly looked at the FOLIO Linked Data Glossary (thanks to Gloria for this doc) in an attempt to refresh the Use Case documents with those vocabulary terms when needed.  (Jacquie will update current documents by mid-April)

Linked Data Import will require a separate app from the current DI app.

Christie and Steven volunteered to work on clarifying 8a-8d, adding comments and updating the language for clarity. 

We agreed that mentioning the "why" reports or information is needed will be beneficial to our work and for the developers.  What work will those data inform?

28 February 2023
  1. Review use cases #3-#6 and update the spreadsheet elements
  2. Any other topics?
Removed specific library to make sure that the use case is as broad as possible. We'll rank when we're further along. When adding details, we want to be careful not to be overly prescriptive, while providing enough information to meet the need satisfactorily (don't want to assume specific technologies or resource limits). We got through 3-5, and agreed to look at the next few use cases before next week, tidy them up (including roles, library types, and categorizations).

21 February 2023


14 February 2023
  1. Any more feedback on the Use Case Document or Spreadsheet?
  2. Review individual use cases and update the spreadsheet elements
  3. Any other topics?

A small group met today to review use cases 1-2, we updated the description, elements, and some comments.

7 February 2023
  1. Responses/Questions about Gloria's 1/31 EMWG presentation
  2. Input on Use Case Documentation

Living documents for use cases discussed today, these should be considered as "in-process" and not final documents

Use Case Document (Google Drive link)

Use case spreadsheet (Google Drive link)

10 January 2023
  1. Welcome to Jason K.
  2. Updates from EMWG 1/4 meeting
  3. No meeting on 1/24, reschedule meetings to more convenient time?
  4. Review workflows to find granular use cases
  5. Expanding beyond 2020 Use Cases – developing use cases from institution-specific workflows


Regrets: Charlotte and Christie

Note taker: Jacquie

Adding members to this group, Jason has joined, Charlotte is inviting 2 potential members from Lehigh and National Library of Sweden.

Jacquie will write a Use Case document to replace the 2020 use cases, group will review and provide input starting in late January.

Discussion on personas, LC and Ebsco are developing them for catalogers, we could leverage that work.  BIBFRAME aspects of entity management needs to be included in use cases.

Meeting changes:  Meet later in the day (2 PM) and move to weekly on Tuesdays.

All meetings will be recorded for members unable to attend, or who wish to review the meeting.

13 December 2022
  1. Welcome to Julia Kim
  2. Quick recap of 29 Nov. meeting
  3. Discuss Use Case 1 edits from last week
  4. Discuss Use Case 2 from the 2020 use case list

Regrets: Steven Folsom

Attendees: Jacquie Samples, GLoria Gonzalez, Charlotte Whitt, Julia, Kim, Christie Thomas

Notetaker: Christie 

Recap from 29 Nov meeting - Review of LC requirements. Does not appear to be a gap so far. Focus on a system that works for the majority of the library types. System should be flexible enough to support a range of use cases.  Also reviewed the first use case. Strikethrough means that the notes have been addressed in another use case. 

Approach - create personas for types of libraries and create use cases. Possibly use the "As a FOLIO user I want to ..." statements to define the granular use cases. Charlotte can reach out to public libraries to get their perspectives on the use cases. We should know that even within the broader categories of libraries / personas / types of users there may be multiple approaches to how they will want to manage authorities / entities and the relationships with the bibliographic data. 

Add emerging persona data in the Use case description? Add notes about institutional granularity in the 2022 review notes column. 

Can add new rows if there are use cases that do not fit into the categories present. 

Use case 1- broke this out into two areas focused on representing external datasets within FOLIO and reporting on changes that have been made / needs to be made to related entities (such as bibliographic records). 

To dos: CT will write up the UC approach and add it here: Authority Management - current practice. Others can continue to add to this page, too. 

29 November 2022
  1. Quick recap of 15 Nov. meeting
  2. Recap of LOC slides use cases
  3. Discuss Use Case 1 from the 2020 use case list

Regrets: Steven Folsom, Christie Thomas

From Gloria: Here is LC’s full list of requirements:
    (That link downloads an excel spreadsheet)

Note: The excel spreadsheet linked above is now stored as "Library_of_Congress_Requirements_Attachment+J3-Mandatory+Requirements+for+Task+Order+REVISED+AMENDMENT+0003",  where Tab 3 is most interesting to our group

15 November 2022
  1. Scope of work
  2. Communication channels
  3. Frequency of meeting
  4. Review original Use Cases from 2020

Link to Meeting Slides

Link to Gloria's slides for LC presentation

Attendees: Jacquie, Steven, Christie

Regrets: Charlotte, Gloria

Progressed through the meeting slides above covering scope and logistics

  • Meeting frequency - every other Tuesday at 11am EST, opposite the larger Entity Management meetings
  • Review of the original Use Cases
  • Proposal: that we record our decisions about whether there is need to update a use case
  • The original use cases sometimes look like what FOLIO development calls themes or maybe even epics.
  • Different libraries may have different workflows, and we might need to check assumptions, and record these situations
  • Maybe we need a list of all the things we want to be able to do as an institution.
  • There's some distance from the original creation of the use cases, and we need get reacquainted with them and rewrite them in some cases.
    • There's more work to connect to other UXProd work.
  • TO DO: Begin to respond to the use case list, adding reactions to the right column "2022 Review Notes from Use Case Group"

Future notetaker: Christie


Cornell UniversityHead, Metadata Design & Operations
EBSCO/ZepheiraSenior Product Manager, Linked Data Innovation and Design
Library of CongressProduct Manager, Metadata
Jason Kovari Cornell UniversityDirector, Cataloging & Metadata Services
Doug Loynes EBSCOSenior Product Manager
Duke UniversityHead, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department
University of ChicagoHead, Data Management Services
Index DataLibrarian. Senior Analyst. Product Owner Inventory