Instance MARC mapping working group


NCSUAssociate Head, Acquisitions and Discovery (Monographs).
Univ. of Colorado BoulderSerials Cataloging Manager. Co-convener of the
Univ. of ChicagoCataloger, Serials/Continuing
Univ. of ChicagoHead, Data Management Services

Jennifer EustisUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst Metadata
Duke UniversityHead, Metadata & Discovery Strategy Department

Jenn ColtCornell Metadata operations librarian
Index DataLibrarian. Senior analyst. Product Owner Inventory
Ann-Marie Breaux (Deactivated)EBSCOWorkflow Services Product Management. Product Owner Data

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MM-SIG subtask group:

Kathryn Harnish began sketching out the mapping of MARC fields to the Inventory Metadata Elements - see:, 3rd column. 


  • to review the proposed mapping from MARC
  • make corrections, and 
  • add more MARC fields where it is relevant


We expect that the working group would only need to meet 2-3 times to complete the work.


Parking lot  (NEW)

Wayne's Marc to Inventory and Inventory to MARC mapping document  (NEW - beta updates & Holdings/MFHD & Chicago's mapping)

MM SIG Working Groups - Metadata Elements and MARC mapping  

Inventory Metadata Elements