Local Package Record Subgroup

The Package Record Subgroup will review the data model for Packages in Inventory and clarify how it differs from the model for "bound-withs," document use cases for Package records, suggest changes (if needed) to the model or elements, and recommend vocabulary to disambiguate "packages" in Inventory from "packages" in ERM/e-Holdings. As the Package record is part of Inventory, this subgroup will act under the auspices of the MM SIG, but may include members of other SIGs, particularly RA, RM (including Acquisitions), and ERM.

Poll results are in! The FOLIO community overwhelmingly preferred the term "Container Record" to describe the records in Inventory that can represent packages. (added August 16, 2018)

Notes from 2018-09-12 (coming up soon)

Notes from 2018-07-24 meeting

Notes from 2018-07-11 meeting

Notes from 2018-06-05 meeting

New Slack channel has been created #container-inventory. Please sign up for a Slack account, if you don't have an account yet. (Charlotte was not able to find and invite: Jessica JaneckiKelsey BrettAlice Krim)

NameOrganizationTime ZoneTitleNotes
University of Colorado BoulderMTSerials Cataloging ManagerCo-convener, MM SIG
Lisa FurubottenTAMUGMT
Co-convener, MM SIG
Index DataCETAnalyst. LibrarianProduct Owner
Index DataCETLead developerCore Team
Duke UniversityET
Member MM SIG
Jacquie SamplesDuke University

Member MM SIG
ZBWCESTData ManagerMember MM SIG, and the ERM subgroup
Kelsey BrettTexas A&M University
Electronic Resources Librarian
Lehigh University

Member MM SIG
Martina SchildtGBVCESTAcquisitions, electronic resources, catalogingMember RM SIG, and the ERM subgroup

Some background:

Notes on Local Packages in Inventory: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DakHW6D5_09uKJPQzCSTwycP0gqkPs6E7k35_KpfCxg/edit

Notes from WOLFcon (May 2018)

Discuss post:

Codex metadata elements (scroll down for Package elements)

Data model: example discussed with the Analytics and Bound with group:

FOLIO ERM terminology: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vue-mbcULpZivWu69a7nAZEdC-H2yXPQqSblbL_0J6U/edit

Conceptual flow diagrams:

UX wireframe (draft):

A fun list of synonyms for "package" (selected from thesarus.com):

alembic, amalgamation, assortment, bag, baggage, bale, batch, biddle, bottle, box, bucket, bunch, bundle, burden, carton, case, clump, combination, conglomeration, container, crate, entity, kit, load, lot, luggage, pack, packet, parcel, pile, portmanteau, potpourri, reliquary, sac, sack, sheaf, stack, stein, suitcase, tin, trunk

Scheduled working group meetings: