2023-04-11 EMWG Meeting


  1. Constituent types
    1. Way to communicate why something is important, who is using it and what is accomplished. Represent who will interact with both FOLIO and LC's full LCAP system
    2. Added to the wiki: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/x/SzxH
    3. Will be added to stories in Jira; if move beyond LCAP, want to understand what is missing in larger FOLIO context. Used to understand who to speak with to understand workflows and needs
  2. Development status update (Doug Loynes)
    1. Epics
      1. BF cataloging (features: create, edit, delete, search, copy, save, restore, trace, refer, inactivate)
      2. BF data transformation (features: into/out of data graph - MARC, ONIX, MADS)
      3. BF sharing (features: APIs, ILS, Z39.50, discovery, inventory, json syndication feeds)
      4. BF reporting (features: quality assurance, staff development, dashboards, activity dashboard)
    2. MARVA modeling will be adapting as needed; MARVA will be accessible for FOLIO community more broadly
    3. Plan - share epics, features and understand there is a good understanding of what those are. EMWG has a role in making sure these are complete and clear... and engage in prioritization. Start with thin thread.
    4. MARVA user study - Tammy Wolf (EBSCO user research), worked at ASU and was participant in LD4.
    5. Clarification between old and new EM issues in Jira; need to link and clarify within issues
    6. Interested in seeing the data model - EMWG had a fairly abstract data model that encompassed different kinds of entities; scope of model being implemented to meet LC's current requirements, is mostly about a representation in a MARC record in BF and a MARC authority in BF and conversion between those kinds of entities. Want to not box ourselves into data model that rules out future expansion
    7. April
      1. defining requirements and user stories, creating and prioritizing a backlog of work in Jira
      2. building the dev team
      3. MARVA user study
    8. May
      1. Add features to Jira (Doug taking lead as PO)
      2. Finish planning for first 4 sprints
      3. Kick off the Missing Link team (Jet name forthcoming)
      4. Start development for linked data features May 1st.
  3. Use Case review (Jacquie Samples)
    1. Making good progress but not done. Have had a few more use cases come to light - and split some into multiple use cases. 
    2. Will turn attention as quickly as possible to categorization (role, library types, etc.)... and need to track what Jiras are created for use cases thus far. Will then turn attention to ranking.
    3. Ranking - would welcome input from full EMWG to prioritize / put in order. Future EMWG meeting
      1. Not ranking for LC or EBSCO but for vision of EMWG... but is collaborative with LC - Huge amount of overlap. Build out what this group has started rather than coming up with parallel requirements. Critical to account for use cases from the wide diversity of library types in FOLIO. Happy path is lots of overlap between what LC and EMWG are looking for. 
    4. Comments and additions are being put into framework