2020-04-08 EMWG Meeting



Action Items from 3/11 meeting

  • Chicago, Cornell, Duke, Lehigh and Penn: all document our current authority management workflows (Christie, Jacquie, Jim, Steven)
    • Effort types: splits, merges, heading updates, 
    • workflows:
      • authority service (weekly with MARCive for Duke) versus local effort
      • new records (auth and bib) in Connexion
      • MARCEdit for adding URIs to records
      • review unmatched headings to then match
      • embedding URI data to help disambiguate
      • unicode compliance for things not in unicode
      • shared authority file (ALMA for Penn)
      • OCLC WorldShare profile and other query processes with import job
      • Chicago has a fellow computationally comparing headings in Chicago bib records to OCLC
      • preference for OCLC records over vendor records - though this is nuanced (preference is more around vendor-neutral records for eResources)
    • Collaborations: authority managers and catalogers
    • Tooling:
      • ILS
      • external scripts
      • access database (used for Duke process)
      • LSTools (local at Cornell, https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/tsawg/Library+Services+Tools) → workflows for maintaining headings do not change authority records; create reports and act on bib records with those authorities. Depending on what is seen in global headings queue in Voyager, will feel more of less comfortable with auto-flips (flip example: name heading where death date was not originally in our data). Workflow engines being considered as among part of the solution for rebuilding for FOLIO. UXPROD-950
 - Rewrite Cornell’s Web based LS-Tools
  • Lehigh: brainstorm around what Lehigh has lost by not having authority management since OLE implementation (Lisa)
  • Incorporate notes from the work areas discussion meetings. Wayne will kick off this discussion (Wayne, Jason)