2021-05-20 Metadata Management Meeting notes


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Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7G8S7WF6N20YUM4My1oRTIxSHM

Discussion items

PC update
  • SIG conveners attended this week. 
  • Reminder nominations for Product Council and Technical Council are being accepted. A person can nominate themselves.
  • Mike Gorrell is the new chair of Community Council 
  • App Interaction discussion:  Discussing deletion of instance records.  How the apps communicate with each other around dependencies has been an issue. Martina, who leads the App Interaction group, is leading an effort to 
  • Angela Zoss is replacing Sharon Beltain as the the Reporting convener
  • RA has created new member onboarding documentation – do this for MM? Laura will use this as a model for onboarding in the MM SIG.
  • Ann-Marie walked the group through the R1 and R2 2021 Hotfix approved lists. | Hotfix 1 list | Hotfix 2 list
Other updates, announcements

 Khalilah Gambrell  will be giving updates at next week's meeting

Ann-Marie prefaced Khalilah's talk saying authority storage is being planned. 

Preceding and succeeding fields in the Instance are not getting updated properly because of the different way that data is stored. MODDICORE-142

Inventory development updates/demoCharlotte Whitt

Slide deck

  • Iris  - Completed work
  • Juniper - In progress work
  • Kiwi - Planned work

Charlotte encouraged people to look in the reference environments to get a sense of new development. 

Bugfest environment (currently Iris)

  • Title (All) search now includes series and alternative titles 
  • Fast Add in Courses App now available. This will create an Instance, Holdings, and Item with one form. Record is added to Course Reserve, and is part of Inventory
  • Text Area boxes are now available for FOLIO born records. These boxes can be clicked and dragged to become larger so larger amounts of texts can be visible at once. Test boxes are available in  Instance, Holdings, and Item records
  • LCCN Call Number Sorting - (UXPROD-2002) - The ground work has been done in Inventory and will be able to be ported into other apps in future development. Other call number schemes will be addressed in the future.
  • Item States - Seven new item states have been implemented. Here is the full list. Some libraries are considering using "Mark as intellectual item" as a temp workaround for identifying bound-withs

    More item states will be added. The end goal, there will be three different types of item states. These all have business logic behind them. 

    List of business logic and behaviors of item states

    Issue for catalogers: To change from In Process to Available, the circ app is needed. Laura pointed out the awkward workflow that imposes on catalogers.

Snapshot environment (currently Juniper in progress)

  • Instance lookup for relationships is new. When in the child record the parent record can be seen and vice versa as well. Suggestions/questions about volume information being searchable and displayed. Charlotte will meet

    Jennifer Eustis (via chat) - "It would be great to get an update on the bound with work at some point"

  • Suppress from discovery and staff suppress "alerts" make those marks more obvious. This change is in the Instance, Holdings, and Item records.

  • Analytical records - backend work  - pull request is being code reviewed and will make it for the Juniper release. UI may be rough at first, but the first step has been complete. Bound-with design by Niels Erik Nielsen- Bound-with data model
  • Item effective location logic - Effective Location Logic - Scenario 10

Kiwi Release 

Capacity planning group is deciding which issues that received the highest points can be worked on for Kiwi. Under consideration:

Mark for deletion

Homework for next week: This about Mark for deletion - Would we like the ability to mark for deletion to be available only from options menu, or directly available in Instance, Holdings, Item edit?

Review UXPROD-1363 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Productivity stats "alternative" (aka workaround) (if time)Laura E Daniels

Demo of Cornell's planned approach until UXPROD-2867 - Getting issue details... STATUS is implemented

(see Alternatives for Features Still in Development)

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