FOLIO Order Renewal Integration


As users renew orders with vendors in external systems, they hope that the renewal information will update the corresponding orders and order lines in their FOLIO instance.

Renewals are updates to existing orders so all of these requests will need to be sent with a FOLIO purchase order line number (ILS number). These unique numbers will be used to identify which POL that the corresponding system would like to update.

Problems being solved (Updated based on exercise 1)

Updating order information after renewing orders with a vendor is time consuming and thus expensive for the library. (Priority: 3.23)


  • More frequent updates after renewal are changes to Fund or subscription number
  • Need to indicate what has been cancelled
  • Occasionally we need to update when adding electronic access to a print sub

Manual data entry offers the opportunity for human error. As a result the data between the vendor system and FOLIO can get out of sync. (Priority: 4.75)


  • The updates may also just not happen
  • Maintaining the match point is one of the most error prone areas

It is difficult to manage commitments for renewable orders as accurate data is often only provided to the library at time of invoice. (Priority: 3.34)


  • Minor differences can be expected as often encumbrances are based on expended amounts from the previous year
  • This is why we do not encumber these

The data associated with renewable orders can change year over year (Eg. Publisher) and these types of updates could be missed and lead to confusion about library holdings. (Priority: 4.75)


  • Library is notified about changes to title, frequency, publisher, etc. and generally they are more a concern with updating the marc record than the order data
  • There is a chance but not really tied to renewal
  • Doesn't happen often and generally communicated when they do so they are not difficult to update

Other feedback

  • Updating SNAs or providers
  • Should help with confusion of whether an order should be closed or not. Sometimes this gets out of sync between the two systems and its difficult to determine what the library wanted to do
  • Could be used to observe complete delivery of all items. Integrating the claiming of missing issues. Possibly delay of delivery could be pushed to the library to save time chasing issues
  • We wouldn't want erroneous information from the vendor pushed into FOLIO. The vendor system may have errors as well that could make it a pain to have the integration

Use Cases & Requirements:



Use cases

Vendor system will update data points in FOLIO orders based on match point


Vendor systems contain ILS numbers as a match point for invoicing. Updating order information is done manually and as needed. More frequent updates after renewal include changes to Fund or subscription number. 
Vendor system will communicate price and quantity information which FOLIO will parse and use to update encumbrances


For some institutions it is too time consuming to manage price fluctuation so commitments are based on the previous years expenditure or they are not managed at all. Ie. These orders are not individually committed but potentially considered as a large, defined, portion of the budget.
Vendor system will send an indication of what titles have been canceled and what titles are renewing


When renewing orders in third party systems the library will decide what to renew and what not to. Titles that are not renewed with the vendor are canceled in the ILS system.

When these get out of sync it can be difficult for the library to decipher whether they wanted them canceled or not.

Order line format can be updated to reflect changes without disturbing integration


Library needs to update order to add electronic access to a print subscription
When vendor reference numbers are added they include a timestamp that can be seen in the UI


When renewing an order for which the Vendor reference number is changing the library must update the ILS order and make clear which vendor reference number is the current one. Multiple numbers would be confusing over time if there is no indication of when and why they were added.






Evaluating Problem Statements above

CLOSED - June 9, 2021

See google form at to participate.

Transmittable data and mapping:

Data pointLogicComments


Not updated but included as reference

Cancellation Restriction



UpdatedMore important to have the most recent restriction note information. Adding to this field each year might result in the same note being added multiple times.



Vendor Reference Number

Added to existingTo safely update this field users would need to know what the most recent numbers are. Otherwise, it could be very confusing as to which number is current. Ie. what they actually renewed this year. Consider adding a data added to vendor ref number. to help identify which is most recent

PO Number

Not updated but included as reference

PO Line

Not updated but included as reference

Customer Note

Added to existing

Subscription to Date

UpdatedBecomes the Subscription start date for the new year. Ie. this updates subscription start date in FOLIO POL

Renewal Date

UpdatedBecomes the subscription to date for the new year. Ie. This updates the subscription to date for the POL


Updated: based on Purchase order line formatNeed to be broken down into Electronic and Physical price when orders are Mixed format

Fund Code





Used to update order line statusThe type Non-renewal is used to update order line status for things that have been canceled.


UpdatedUser group believes it could be useful to allow third parties to use this as a match point. Specifically if they are storing legacy order numbers in this field.


Updated: based on Purchase order line formatNeed to be broken down into Electronic and Physical price when orders are Mixed format

Work Breakdown Structure:


UXPROD-2588 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-190 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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