Allow User to generate a preview of fiscal year rollover

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  1. Fiscal year rollover can not be "undone"
  2. Fiscal year rollover errors can be complex and difficult, if even possible to correct

Use Cases & Requirements:

RequirementStatusUse cases

Allow user to generate a rollover report that will tell the user what errors may occur if rolling over with current data


  • In preparation for rollover the library will run a report to catch any errors that may occur so they can be dealt with before the rollover is officially executed.
Allow user to run a rollover "preview" that will show a user the result of rolling over with existing settings


  • In preparation for rollover the library will run a report to catch any errors that may occur on account of the rollover settings that are being used, so they can be adjusted before the current fiscal year ends.
Allow user to run rollover "Test" more than once if desired


  • Library will always test rollover to make sure there are no surprises. Rollover may be tested more than once.
Allow user to easily obtain an export of the current years data during rollover process


  • When rolling over the system should provide a copy of the closing years budgets (Current state at end of year). This is used  as a reference to help verify the results of the rollover

Proposed workflow:

Functionality Potentially Impacted by Changes:

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Potential impact

Suggested Regression Testing






Can 2 or more users run rollover preview at the same time? What behavior is expected?


Only one user at the same time. The 2nd user should see a warning/notification message
Does one need to keep a history of all rollover preview runs? If yes, how long?


Async operation - once started, the preview rollover will be executed on back-end, and the result will be available in history

Rollover setting is to be stored as well together with the results in order to enable/simplify further analysis

1 year is the max period for storing

All the data are stored in DB, and CSV can be generated via UI (as it's currently used in Acquisition app)

(warning) The question about the scope form Mikita

One of the option is not to have the history on UI but just provide an ability to download the file for the most recent rollover preview

How does the user user the preview is done? - E.g., by email

(warning) Try 2 options and estimates them

Does one need to support rollover preview not only for finances, but also for transactions and orders?


Unpaid invoices - it's just a prerequisite for preview

In fact, it's required to test the logic of budget_encumbrances_rollover.sql

Need to map all the columns in Export file example (see Miro board) with data available in mod- finance


All the mentioned data is required in final export file.

I have done some mapping of the columns with fields of Budget record (see

  1. Mapped fields are marked with (plus)
  2. Some of the fields, though mapped, are readonly in the schema; this means that the data in the fields is calculated in real time; they are marked with (warning)
  3. Some of the fields remained unmapped

Dennis Bridges 

Report with Unpaid invoices should be generated for Ledger or include all Unpaid invoice?



Dennis Bridges Can we provide in the email just link on Folio page with export downloading link?


Provide link to FOLIO page

Dennis Bridges Do we need to show Ledger Rollover Preview progress as for Rollover?


Just show Status "In progress" or "Complete"

Proposed Implementation Details:

Preview Ledger Fiscal Year Rollover#SolutionDesign

Work Breakdown Structure:


UI Stories

MOD Stories

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